Evangelist Prince Ekeke
Evangelist Prince Ekeke

This was the question that came from a friend I visited his campus during my last Mission trips, got to his campus and from the gate, I saw current obituary posters of young students both male and female killed by cultists wondering why all these?
As they took me further into the campus environment the sight of immoral activities was so much that I had to tell the brother driving me to stop, came down and began a prayer walk to the Hostel of my friend….

Got to his room and I asked him “YOU ARE HERE AND ALL THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING?, He looked at my face, collapsed on the ground and began to cry…..the burden was much on him that he began to ask (Bro, I have tried,prayed and preached) God told me he will give me my campus but HOW CAN THIS THING BE? See! I am just an 100 Level Student……

While he was talking, I held his hand and the burden became intensed, took him out that evening and we began to pray round the campus, The Holy Ghost released power on him that night that I left him still praying on the field…..
He came back that night and turned the Male Hostel upside down, Mighty men that have been hiding came out that night and REVIVAL STARTED!!!
The Burden continued for 7 days, to God’s Glory yesterday he called, The School Authority cancelled all forms of Parties inside and outside the school….

This was the question that first popped up from a Lady that was to birth a NEW DIMENSION on Earth…..Luke 1:34,35
Peter upon this ROCK I will build my church….. Matt.16:18 (But Lord how can this thing be?)
Disciples I will make you fishers of Men……
Mark 1:17 (But Lord how can this thing be?)
And these signs shall follow them…..
Mark 16:17(But Lord how can this thing be?)
And ye shall receive POWER….
Acts 1:8(But Lord how can this thing be?)
Friends there comes a Point in our Life we Begin to ask God….what’s happening?

We begin to remind God of his Prophecy upon our Lives and Generation…..
God!!!! You told me I will be AN AGENT OF REVIVAL!!!
God!!! You told me you will make me a Voice to my Generation…..How can this thing be?
God!!!! You told me you will purify me and make me ready for

Heaven…..How can this thing be?
I hardly pray!!!
I hardly believe you!!!
I hardly fast!!!
This Same question Mary asked the Angel, you said I will give birth to the SAVIOR?…..HOW CAN THIS THING BE?

Ah Holy Ghost
You entered Mary and she gave birth to the Savior of the World….
You entered Elijah and he spoke to the Fire and Fire heard him…..
You entered Moses and he spoke to God for 40 days and his face shone like the Moon….
You entered JESUS and he spoke to the dead and the dead heard him….
Holy Ghost enter me and Make my Life a Meaning!!!.

I am tired of empty Tongues….
I am tired of hypocrisy…..
I am tired of title….
I am tired of professing Religion without Results…
I am tired of myself
Holy Ghost come and Over shadow me.
Holy Ghost come and Open my Heavens.
Holy Ghost come and Operate in Me.
Holy Ghost come and Own Me.

I know there’s a VACUM in me….. please Lord come and fill it
Oh God break my heart and bend my knees
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys.

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