“AS THE FIRE SPREADS…”!!!(Generational Lessons From Ministry Models)By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

This is a quick reminder by the Spirit of God!!!!
The Lord showed me a prophetic vision overnight in which I saw three fathers of Faith in Nigeria and He pointed my attention to a vital lesson that the next generation of ministers in the Body of Christ should lay to heart.
I’m sharing this at the instance of the Lord and also because it is both instructive and edifying.

Now according to that vision, the three fathers represent three models of ministry in the Body of Christ and the younger generation needs to pay attention to the underlying lessons.
The Lord showed me Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Dr. Uma Ukpai and Dr. Emiko Amotsuka.
As I watched them very closely in that vision, the Lord asked me, “What can you see?”.
I said, “Lord, three of them are fathers in the Body of Christ. They have all contributed immensely to the advancement of the cause of Christ and they have been consistent in ministry for many years”.

At that point, based on the impression of the Spirit of God on my heart, I said further, “Pastor Adeboye is a Pastor over a church; Dr. Uma Ukpai is an Evangelist and he doesn’t pastor a church and Dr. Emiko is a teacher in the Body of Christ who doesn’t pastor a church”.
The Lord told me at that point, “Son, that’s what I wanted you to see. These three ministers represent three models in the Body of Christ…”.
He then concluded with these words, “As the fire
spreads, your generation must pay attention to that and avoid any kind of competitive jealousy in ministry”.

Immediately, that vision lifted and another scene unfolded before me where I saw some young ministers in our generation spreading the fire
in every corner.
As I woke up and began to ponder on that vision, I remember some years ago; according to the account given by Bishop Francis Wale Oke; the members of the Nigerian Apostolic Coalition (NAC) met in Pastor E. A. Adeboye’s office to discuss matters affecting the Body of Christ in Nigeria.

Nigerian Apostolic Coalition is a band of leading ministers in Nigeria which meets regularly in Pastor E. A. Adeboye’s office for the purpose of advancing the course of the Body of Christ in Nigeria.
The body consists of most frontline Pentecostal And Charismatic leaders of the Church in Nigeria and is under the Co-chaimanship of Pastor E. A. Adeboye and Bishop Mike Okonkwo.

(Reference: “The Future Of The Church In Nigeria”, by Francis Wale Oke, Page 7, His Kingdom House Publishers)
It has been in existence ever since and members receive each other in their offices and graces despite differences in ministry streams.

There’s so much that our generation should learn and master from the fathers, but chief among them is that we need to stay in our callings and avoid competitive jealousy in ministry.
Based on the three ministry models revealed to me in that vision (of course we have other models in the Body of Christ), three major points emerge:

(1) There are ministers who will pastor a church directly and they can also have the blend of other graces.

(2) There are ministers who are called to be evangelists and they may not be permitted to start a church – Reinhard Bonnke is a good example.

(3) There are ministers who have a proving teaching ministry without pastoral grace or itinerant ministry in general and they may not be called to start a church.

All ministry operations of God’s ministers are subject to God’s supreme will and divine prerogative.
What I can say for now is that points number 2 and 3 have not really been given due consideration in our generation yet every minister must be in his own order – 1 Cor.15:23.
The bitter truth is that NOT EVERY YOUNG MINISTER WILL PASTOR A CHURCH – truth is BITTER but it will make us BETTER.

If God has NOT CALLED you to carry out an assignment and you venture into it, you’ll be like a disaster going somewhere to happen.
Dear Minister, don’t make a shipwreck of your ministry; find out WHAT GOD WOULD HAVE YOU DO like Paul of old cried to Jesus our Lord on the road of Damascus – Acts 9:6.

I’m not given to sharing my visions online except as prompted or instructed by the Spirit of God.
I’m writing this post currently this midnight and will upload it in the early hours of the day because as a minister and as the Lord’s bond servant, I don’t have the life of my own – what He says, I do – COMMITMENT IS SUPERIOR TO CONVENIENCE!!!

This is not a matter to wish away dear minister because knowing your place and where you belong in the eternal scheme of things with respect to ministry determines quite a lot of things including “MINISTERIAL LONGEVITY”.
As the fire spreads more and more in our generation, it is my sincere prayer that you will be located at the centre of God’s will for your life and ministry and you will rise above competitive jealousy such that you make a full proof of your ministry to the praise of His Name alone.

This is a word that requires our sober reflection!!
Happy New Month Sirs and Mas!!!

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