Let your prayer point change from today
When we hear Revival…Many will be thinking of FIRE and POWER but when we hear of a Spirit, it means a personality i.e A PERSON
But how many of us are relating with the Holy spirit as a person. When you know Him as a personality, a mentality will download into your spirit and you will know that The Holy has heart, feeling, emotions and will… and Because of that you will not want to HURT the Holy Spirit.

You will have better understanding why the Bible said “GRIEVE NOT THE SPIRIT” i.e Don’t do anything that will make the spirit of God to be sad or sorrowful because he also have heart and emotions.
When you know the spirit of God in person then you will carry his burden in you, and that burden will drive you to the place of prayer to ASK FOR REVIVAL

The spirit of revival is a personality of revival that walk among men but only those that are sensitive in the spirit can notice that WALKING-DIMENSION of God and trap it in the place of prayer…
I said those that are “SENSITIVE IN THE SPIRIT” can trap that dimension.
See! until you relate with the Holy Spirit as a personality (i.e as a person) then you will be a able have the ability to set your Generation on fire for God

It is pity that Many people don’t know the Holy spirit
If I ask who is the Holy Spirit???
Many will say; he is a fire, dove, wind, storm and many more…
That is correct but that Understanding is not complete … Many people are pouring out their knowledge according to what they are taught in the church or in Bible school
Holy Spirit is not only a dove or fire or wood… The Holy Spirit is a PERSON or a SPIRITUAL PERSONALITY of God. The Holy Spirit is one of the entities in the God heads. The Holy spirit is vast and you can only know him through your experience with him not what you read about him.

Jesus told you that The Holy spirit is HIS COMFORTER because he had an experience with that spirit, that any time he is facing lot of challenges, he will run to a comfort zone and that zone is govern by the HOLY SPIRIT
Daniel is so vast in wisdom and excellence because he recognized and commune with a spirit of excellence, to Daniel the Holy Spirit is the spirit of excellence
When you meet Paul, He will tell you about the Mystery that was, is and is to come because he has a source/ a spirit that knows all Mysteries. To Paul the Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT OF MYSTERY

Many People Don’t know the spirit of God, The Apostles Encounter him as the THE TONGUES OF FIRE
Moses Encounter has the “I AM THAT I AM”
John the Beloved Encounter him as The Alpha and the Omega
Who is the spirit of God to you???
Elijah Encountered the Holy spirit has a CONSUMING FIRE
These are experiences of the people of God in the Bible.

Then what is your own experience with spirit that is so endless???
The reason many Don’t experience that spirit is because they haven’t relate with him in PERSON.
the Bible says “Fellowship/communion with the Holy Spirit”
No man can teach you the ways of the spirit, they can only tell you the experiences they have with the Spirit of God.

Many of these doctrines today are the walk or experience of our father of faith, that they have with the spirit of God….
So what experience do you have with the spirit of God???
Many today are just arguing on the principles they don’t experience.
The more you experience the Holy Spirit the more you know him. It is not until you read your Bible before you know the Holy spirit, Yes! reading the Bible is good but The Holy spirit want you to “COME UP HITHER” to a LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE. It is experience, the Holy Spirit want to have with you not only theory.

Every man, the Holy Spirit is using Today are PEOPLE OF EXPERIENCE…. When you listen to their sermon, majority of what they will tell you is their Experience with the spirit of God.
So what is your experience with the spirit of God???
What make a man to be a MAN OF STATURE IN THE SPIRIT… it is the experiences he have with that spirit.
Even the powers of Darkness Understand this principles, The more they have experience with their gods the more they know more about their gods and their boldness and confidence increase.

But we the so called children of God hardly have time for the Spirit of God. Even to many of Us, the Holy Spirit will be begging you to carry your Bible for 30 mins or Just pray for 10mins
This supposed not be so …. Let us wake up, the world are looking for people who will save them from the bondage they entered ignorantly.
Where are those Apostle of Stature, Evangelist of Power, Prophet of Fire…

Where are they???
The world are not looking for THEORY CHILDREN OF GOD but EXPERIENCE SONS OF GOD
Pay the price to experience that spirit. If the Holy Spirit ask you to fast, then fast… If he ask you to Sacrifice your resources, time, energy, money and many more…. Please do, because if God open your eyes to see how many souls are all over the world crying and waiting for you to rise , then you will know that your life is not ordinary Because there is a great mandate attached to your life
It is pity that we have THEORY CHILDREN OF GOD…They can recite many verses from the Bible but they lack the ability to experience what they have learn
If you want to learn doctrines and written theories, Go to Bible school but when you want to learn about the spirit of God, you need to fellowship with him

Remember what 2 Corinthians 13:14 says;
“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion(fellowship) of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.”
Look at this verse very carefully, Grace was given to us freely, the love of God is sufficient but when it come the platform of the Holy Spirit, you must FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM
When your koinonia with the deities is no more then Devil will have full charge over your life. Devil is always after the Fellowship you have with God.


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