Do you have a hard time thinking of what to wear every Sunday, spending hours deciding what to wear and eventually ends up not looking good, here are tips that will be helpful to you
Except choristers who care less about what they wear on Sundays, every other person would have to think about how to match colors especially those Christian Sisters who have no concern for fashion and this painful part of this is, they don’t care!

The choristers may be given dress codes for every Sunday or may even put on choir robes but for every one of us please don’t forget our dress code is MODESTY!
So while looking out for what to wear please make sure it is modest, whether on Sundays or weekdays, let your dress code be modesty.
Except you want us to give you wrappers to cover yourself, just as they do in some churches
No doubts God does see the heart not necessarily how you look on the outside but how you look on the outside speak to others who cannot see your heart, what its like inside of you. Modesty is not a choice but a necessity!

Another tip is knowing how to use colors: Please refuse the urge to wear a red gown, red shoe, red bag and a red scarf, we are not going for rituals plis.
Learn how to use white on red, on black etc. Before you conclude over two colors, try them on to check their COMPATIBILITY.
You must not wear new clothes every Sunday! If you have a set of clothes then you can repeat them in intervals of 3-4 Sundays as far as they are clean and well kept, ironed if the need be.

Learn to dress in simplicity, your makeup and attire should be moderate. It is not a runway, you don’t have to catch the attention of everyone. Don’t make your self the focus sis, the focus is Jesus.
You don’t have to dress sexy to get attention, in your modesty you can also bless the hearts of people with what you represent and they will be glad to have crossed path with you.

If you cannot afford expensive clothes then you can go for cheaper ones, just keep them clean and well ironed. Wear them in confidence.

If you are not comfortable in high heels and you cannot learn how to walk in them please no one is forcing you, get low heels or stick to sandals. If you fall in church, we will laugh
I hope you got something? If you have other tips on how to look good on Sundays, let us know

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