TVC Interview with Sinach
TVC Interview with Sinach

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu known professionally as Sinach was interviewed virtually by TV Continental. It was such an encounter listening to SINACH share about Jesus to one of the leading secular media platforms in Nigeria. The interview held during TVCs usual morning show with Morayo Afolabi-Brown, Maryam Longe, Beecee Ugboh and Nyma Akashat Zibiri.

In our characteristic manner, LFS has brought a written version of the interview for your inspiration.
Be blessed!

Morayo Afolabi Brown– Thanks for staying with us. We are so excited our guest Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu known professionally as Sinach, She is a Nigerian singer, Songwriter, worship leader, successful singer, Songwriter to top the Billboard Christian Songwriter Chart for 12 weeks in a row. She has won different awards. We are so grateful to have her on this show. Welcome Sinach in the building. How are you doing?

Sinach– Hello I’m doing great thank you.

Morayo Afolabi Brown– I must say you look great this morning.

Sinach– Thank you.

Morayo Afolabi Brown– So I want to ask you, during the lockdown that song Way Maker, It was that song that every country, every tribe, every nation identified with. How did that season make you feel as an artiste, as a Songwriter? Tell us the emotions you had within that period.

Sinach– Way Maker is a song that was written some few years back but you know the Word of God is always fresh and the Word of God is always new and so for every moment the Word of God is relevant. It is good news. The gospel is good news.
It happened to be that at that time these words in songs were relevant for everyone and it just reminded me of how important it is to sing from the Word of God and to declare the Word of God through songs and I am so glad and humbled that God would use that for His glory.

Mariam Longe– Whenever I hear that song I usually have goosebumps. That’s how it affects me. That’s how it impacts me. But you know I was also wondering what her journey must have been like before then. For many people they came to know about you from that song but I’m sure you’ve had a long journey. How has the journey been for you? When did you start? Have you always been the brilliant Songwriter, musician that everybody adored? Or is it something that just happened to you?

Sinach– I have been writing songs and have been active in ministry for thirty plus years now and you know the thing I say about ministering is preaching. You know the Bible says go into all of the world, that means the different areas in the earth.
Sometimes people could be in India and have so much fellowship and it will be like they are popular, very very popular but maybe people in Africa has never heard anything about the person or his songs or whatever.
So Way Maker has been there for a while, I have been singing, doing a lot of things, ministering in my Church, in my local Church Christ Embassy and being active and very very relevant but then this is what happened.
It moved to another world, it moved to other places so it’s as if it made such huge impact and many people got to hear it.

Beecee Ugboh– You are like a big deal in the gospel industry and your music captures a certain type of essence like even when ordinary worship leaders pick up your song and minister in Church, it is like you are there ministering. Now I want to know, how did that become a part of you?
What was it like in your writing, in your getting directions from God, trying to make sure that your song gives hope. What are some of the steps? Are there things you do specifically that makes your song that way?

Sinach- You know I learnt early enough that the only thing that can change a man and make lasting impression is the Word of God and the Spirit of God and that is the only thing that can make lasting impression in the hearts of men and women all over the world. That keeps me on in the right way.
And so in my songs you will hear the declaration of the Word of God, the declaration of who God is, the declaration of faith, encouragement. So when you release that, you are not just singing about your friends or how beautiful the sun is.
That makes a lasting impression that people will always find faith, encouragement, hope and be able to connect and stir up the presence of God within us and that’s a beautiful thing and it’s lasting and it’s impactful as well.

Nyma Akashat Zibiri
You know I’m not Christian. The first time I heard that song I found it very interesting and I found out that it was used for political interests in the United States at the time at rallies and all of that. Did you find that interesting? Based on the way politics is for us.

Sinach– Political? No I don’t think so. I think the song, when people sing Way Maker
Miracle Worker
Promise Keeper
Light in the Darkness
It is declaring that God is all at the moment in their life.
Maybe they are experiencing a bit of darkness and they are saying the God in me is greater. I don’t see anything political about it. I see the declarations of who God is in the nations, in homes, in cities and everywhere. It is just a realisation that God is all. When everything else fails, God You are all. You are the Way Maker.

Morayo Afolabi Brown– I have to ask you, how do we make and get more Sinach’ because we have seen that lots of Churches and ministries try to encourage people to sing and I know that Christ Embassy made a huge key role grooming you amongst many others to be who you are today.
So what advice would you give to ministries or Churches to encourage singers to where you were helped to this point so you can also replicate across the world.

Sinach– The thing about my man of God is that he sees beyond people with potential and he encourages them to be the best of who God has called them to be.
For everyone whatever you encourage comes to you. If you celebrate people, you will have more, If you celebrate musicians you will have more, If you celebrate prosperity you will have more.
Whatever you celebrate comes more to you so that’s what it is. It is the principle. If you celebrate women and men of God you will have more. You will never lack of anything you celebrate. It is a principle.

Mariam Longe– The relationship between secular music and gospel music, sometimes one or two artist gets to have recognition from the secular world. Is it something that is important? You know we would have conversations where people say ‘Why would you receive that kind of acknowledgement from those people? What do you think? Is it something that we should bother about or is it a good thing for someone in the gospel industry?

Sinach– Let me get you right, you’re saying is it okay for people who are not gospel organizations to recognize a gospel artiste?

Mariam Longe– Yes. So if you get an R and B recognition because this is usually an award that goes for secular music.

Sinach– What they are actually recognising is the excellence behind the music. You know it is like writing a book and best sellers don’t ask if you’re Christian or you’re writing for something else. It’s saying the excellence. What is the yardstick for the presentation of the award?
You can say okay we are giving the award because he crossed this, he did this with the music.
So maybe the reason why they are giving the award is because they have a particular thing that they are saying. This is the reason or something like that. It is not about religion but the excellence behind the production.

Beecee Ugboh– Alright Sinach I have seen your performances, I have watched your performances across the world and I am wondering because you seem to have a very good acceptance, people accept your music. But I am also curious, Is it that everywhere you go you have that wide acceptance or you have been to some countries that they were looking at you and ‘what is she doing? They don’t really understand you. Have you ever had that?

Sinach– Oh I have wide acceptance everywhere. It is Scriptural. The Bible says He has given us favour, a house set on a hill. Greatness cannot be hidden.
It is even part of my song that I declare and so when you are talking about this you are talking about who I am. I am a light to the world.
That is who I am and so everywhere I go I shine so that’s what it is.
Acceptance is not because of my name but it is because of who I am, who God has made me and that is why everywhere I go I am accepted.

Morayo Afolabi Brown- We have to play your song because people want to hear some of your music. I think it’s ready for us to play at this time. Let’s watch this.

Morayo Afolabi Brown– That voice Sinach. How did you discover that voice? That power. Tell us about it Sinach. Oh she didn’t get that.
Alright Sinach we have to wrap up with you. Unfortunately we have to run but thank you so much for joining us. We ran out of time. Thank you very much. That’s all we can take on the show. It is not about the voice but the anointing. There is something behind that voice. Have a lovely week.


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