Question Of The Day: Do You Have Godly Friends ?

Godly Friends
Godly Friends

The first prayer I made when I stepped into the university was “God, give me godly friends”!
Let’s say God answered me immediately but I was too blind to see, the first lady I met was also a new student and in the same department with me but I let her slid without trying to get close.

That same night, I met another lady. We spoke at length, you know new students with so many dreams and plans yet this lady wasn’t sounding like she was interested in school!
She spoke, party, cruise, boys and enjoyment only. I was in shock, so I switched to proclaiming Jesus to her, telling her the importance of studying as a student but she saw it as being “boring” plus she had a lot of connections in the school.

Later that night, she asked me to escort her outside the hostel since I just lived next door, which I did. She went to see some guys, see me see wahala! I was just so uncomfortable staying there but she begged me to wait.
Sis told me I was being too serious, I agreed and went into my room. I started to make excuses whenever she came to see me plus she wasn’t ready to hear my sermons so I simply stayed off.

I spoke to my mum about her and she warned me to stay away from her. I was still young and naive but at least I took my mum’s advice. God being good to me, helped me to refuse every of her advances to introduce me to boys
Remember the first lady I told you about? We met again, she was an answered prayer, a good friend indeed. Not just her,God gave me a good roommate, GODLY friends. I mean godly friends who fear and love God.

Today after a heartfelt conservation with my friends, I felt edified, encouraged and having more passion for prayers! This made me grateful for godly friends. People who can stand for you in the place of prayers, they know when you are down emotionally and spiritually.

This doesn’t stop us from having fun or catching cruise, we still go out and relax but after relaxing we still go home full of the SPIRIT! We have connections, we are talented too, we share ideas and talk about ministry!
You want to know another gift God can give to you? GODLY FRIENDS!
If you don’t have any, then start praying, don’t be ashamed to ask them, don’t be shy. Prayerfully ask them. If you need to end certain relationships/
friendships please leave them for God to bless you with better people.

If you have GODLY FRIENDS, then you are blessed! I say you are blessed. Don’t trade them for friends without God! No matter how things seem now, they have better days ahead!
Just to let you know everything is not about cruise, the big question is can Your friends pray for you when you need prayers?

Have an experience? Let’s hear your story

Source: Beautiful Yet Godly

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