P.Daniel Olawande
P.Daniel Olawande

The following are evidences that a believer is dead or dying but not aware
Use this Firetometer and do this firetherapy for the purpose of checking your status.

You keep having many invitations for ministrations but your secret place is gone, your spiritual life is gone.

Things are still happening in your programs, you see supernatural signs but your consecration and purity is gone.

People keep sowing into your life and ministry but you no longer give or sow anymore.

You keep laying hands on people and there is no one imparting you anymore.

You continue mentoring or fathering some people when you are mentorless or an orphan

You continue teaching about prayers but you no longer pray

Men still honour you and follow you online but you no longer have a time of fellowship with God , and you no longer honor those ahead of you.

The scriptures you used to know and quote of heart are now forgotten, you need google to find them now.

The spiritual exercises and disciplines that brought you to your present level are now obsolete and not needed anymore.

You no longer wait on God before standing before God’s people rather you pick out of what you have done before that moved the crowd.

Time alone with God is no longer a priority because of too many invitations, popularity, messages to reply, meetings to attend.

Your Conscience no longer pricks you for wrong doing, anything goes now.
I hope you are not dead now or dying already, if after this firetherapy you discover you are suffering from hypofireemia (low fire in the blood), you need to be quickly placed on admission (retreat) and hydrated (fluided with the water of life(word) to regain strength and normalized before proceeding to taking some heavy doses capsules (tongues)

I hope you are blessed.
I see a burning generation

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