Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Part 14 (Final Episode !!!)


“I’m sorry, I don’t know what took over me” she added weakly. I had made plans to poison you, ensuring you couldn’t ever have kids, even if you eventually survived being poisoned, when my baby was attacked…

I had seen you in my dream asking me to confess and stabbing my baby. So I thought it was you trying to kill my baby. I Didn’t know it was probably my guilt playing tricks on me. She blew her runny nose.

Yes, your guilt because we would never hurt Joy, God wouldn’t either! Caleb cut in. But I and my wife had been praying that God exposes the person the devil had used to raise that Scandal against my wife.
I am disappointed it was you, doing that to your own sister, someone that considered you Family.

Ahhh! Rose, you did all these just so I could marry you? Moses is heart broken. You knew how much I loved your sister.

Yes I did. Rosaline cut in. But you seemed to be only after her virginity, which is why you still went ahead to end your relationship with her when that no longer seemed to be in the picture.

That was because I thought Funbi had deceived me, knowing that I would still have married her even if she wasn’t a virgin and had told me so, without hiding anything from me. I felt betrayed, I thought she had played me for a fool. How wrong I was! Moses was lamenting…

We got home that day after all that was revealed. Thank God for my husband who was with me consoling me. I cried all the way home, in our car as we drove home. I felt so betrayed, I didn’t know what to think.

Weeks passed and the whole family had apologized to me, trying to make up for lost times.
My Pastor cleared the air in the Church, informing them I had been wrongly accused and the Scandals against me were all false.
Many Church members were relieved to hear that, some others were indifferent.

Moses on the other hand was learning to forgive his wife, Rosaline. Their Marriage was better again as we, I and my husband kept praying for them, my Pastor and his wife too kept counseling them and praying for them.

We welcomed our bundles of Joy, few months after that. A boy and a girl, Joshua and Deborah.

God had Vindicated me. I have no regrets. I’m glad I met and married Caleb a man that would not hesitate to fight for me and fight with me in Prayers. He is indeed God’s Blessing to me!

All things does work together for good for God’s Children.
No matter the Challenges we might face or have faced in life, we must remain assured that God is working it all out for our good.
It will turn out in our favour!

What have you learnt from the story…❓

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