Marry right

I hear this question arises most times .
“Ma, how will I know whether he is the will of God for me.”
In case you are waiting for a loud voice to say to tell you “My daughter, my son this is my will for you”, accompanied with a loud sound of thunder… Lol lets be serious na
Let me use this scenario..

You cannot know my will, when you do not have a relationship with me.
Same thing here. You cannot know God will when you do not have a constant relationship with God…
How can you be praying to ask God if a guy/lady who is asking you for sex is his will for you?
This one ehnn if you want go and marry and avoid asking God such rhetorical questions…
Because they definately do not require and answer.

God is holy and therefore his will for you is also Holy, unless if you do not have the spirit of God in you.
1st corintains 6:19 Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives within you Whom you have received from God, You are not your own (amp)
Spiritual Compatibility can not be over emphasied when it comes to knowing the will of God for you.
C’mon you cannot have anything to do with someone who doesn’t have the same spiritual stand as you.
Does he/she goes towards your purpose or against your purpose, does he/she helps you to achieve your goals.

Beyond where he/she is can you hold his/her hands to see tomorrow.
Am sure that there was something mummy Gloria Bamiloye saw in Daddy mike bamiloye that made her not to lose focus on him and grow with him. Its definitely beyond the physical appearance…
Can you see beyond the present lines.
Is this person born again and God fearing.
There is a difference between a Chruch Goer and a Christian.
A Christian is Christ -like and a chruch goer goes to Chruch
The fact that he or she tells you and going to church everyday doesn’t mean he/she is God fearing.
Not all chruch goers are actually Christians.

Now going to Chruch is good. But do not only be present in church but let Christ be present in your heart.
… All this boils down to one thing. To know the will of God for you concerning your love life , You need to have a relationship with the Author of Love.

Please marry right.
Even if not for yourself, for your unborn children.
I write this from the depth of my heart.
Even if you won’t think of yourself atleast think of the wonderful life your children will get. Think of the peace it will place on their heart..
I personally know of a very young girl who at the age of 15 had high blood pressure as a result of too much thinking and worries due to the constant quarrels of her parents.
You may not understand the burden place in my heart but please marry right.

Marry someone your children will be proud to call their Dad.
Ahh.. Maybe God placed the burden in my heart for someone.
It is said that a man is the head or driver of the home.
What if the driver doesn’t knows the road well.
Do you think he will lead you rightly?
Do you think he wil drive you Heaven or Hell?

Marry someone who summits to God because he will treat you rightly even if not because he loves you, but he loves God.
He won’t like to hurt you or do anything that will disturb you because he knows that he is accountable to God.
Even If not for your sake, for God sake.
Check that relationship very well, does it pleases God?
Check that relationship very well, can God be glorified?
Do you only invite or run to God when a problem arises. Or Do you constantly have fellowship with God even if not as a unit, atleast individually.

You don’t expect to see the hands of God in something you haven’t committed into God’s hands
You think its funny right, Things are happening…
And heyyy…
There is also something called Happy Marriage.
Oh yess.. I’ve actually seen people in their 30’s tell me that they’ve actually not seen their parent in any form of quarrel.

Now, its not like they don’t quarrel but they settle it in their bed room and the matter is resolved before they leave the bedroom.
So beloved,
The bible says As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is..
So what kind of marriage do you program in your heart?

Written by Godly descent

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