How To Overcome Masturbation

Immodesty Dressing
Immodesty Dressing

Masturbation itself stands for an evil spirit of lust and sexual immorality addiction. Masturbation is not something that you can wake up one morning and decide to stop because the strongholds of masturbation are demons. What is masturbation act? It is erotic stimulation of the genitals parts or other erotic regions, often to orgasm or to satisfy sexual hungers.

Some people think to overcome masturbation is to marry but that is deceptions because there are many who masturbate while still in marriage. Masturbation cannot be overcome by marriage or by having a girlfriend because it is a demon itself. You can only overcome masturbation by receiving truth and deliverance from masturbation spirits and lust as I will explain.

Masturbation is sin before God and is not even allowed by God or the Bible For you to masturbate you have to get an image of someone in your mind or to watch pornography materials to get that desire of masturbation and that desire is called lust in the bible. And the Scriptures says But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Mat 5:22) So those who masturbate they commit adultery in their heart by looking and lusting at pictures of sexy girls or men.

They look and desire after their beauty and some watches pornographic images and they long to sleep with actors, and they end up masturbating thinking about them in their heart. Masturbation is adultery and fornication because you lust and desire in your heart to sleep with somebody. Overcoming masturbation is by the power of Jesus Christ because it is spiritual battle that starts in heart.

One thing you should know is that every time you masturbate you are doing sex in the spirit and doing sex with evil spirits. You connect yourself with spiritual husband or wives any time you commit masturbation. dont you know that the man who joins his body to a prostitute becomes physically one with her? (1 Corinthians 6:16) So you become spiritually engaged in the spirit while doing sex through masturbation and that’s why while masturbating you feel as if you have somebody with you.

Its the presence of unseen spirit whom you have married in the spirit and doing sex with even in dreams. You become one spirit and one mind with masturbation spirits and to break the chains you need skills and the Truth first. Overcoming Masturbation, you need to deal first with your heart and mind because if your heart is unclean then your whole body becomes unclean.

Your heart and mind is in captivity of lust and masturbation demons. You will need to deliver first your heart and mind by confessing to Jesus Christ and repenting of your sin. Sexual thoughts start in the heart and Masturbation starts in the heart and unless you cleanse your heart by prayers and fasting you cant be delivered.

Give your heart to Jesus Christ first and be born again to surrender your heart to Jesus Christ and He will cleanse you from all unclean spirits. Secondly you must close all the doors of Masturbation spirits. spirits of lust and masturbation they enter inside the heart by your eyes and ears.

Whatever you watch can enter to your heart by the channel of your eyes. You create an atmosphere with your mind and with your action. What comes in your mind creates atmosphere of evil or good attracting evil spirits according to your activity.

Any immoral picture or nude has a spirit guide and when you watch immoral picture, nudity, or sexual video it has an evil spirit be hide waiting to enter in your heart. And after watching you will feel another presence of lust and masturbation pushing you to masturbate or to commit sexual immorality.

Scriptures warns us to flee from immorality and we are questioned; how can you pick a coal of fire on your chest and escape without burns? You cannot watch naked women or men and remain pure, you cannot watch pornography and remain pure in heart and mind, you cannot listen to immoral songs or messages and remain pure. To overcome masturbation and lusting you must delete all sexual contents, pictures and videos. Pornography is made in underworld to influence this generation and to destroy marriages.

Dont watch porns even if you are in marriage for it causes lust spirits and desire for other women and men thus leading you to adultery to fulfil your sexual desires according to porn actors. You will not be sufficient with your spouse shape and size since your mind was corrupted by porn actors who drives like monsters. Stop watching pornography they destroy your mind and marriage. immoral pictures, sexy wallpapers and pornographic materials must be destroyed and burned to close all defiling doors.

Separate yourself with everything or anyone that defiles you emotionally and keep your self pure. Separate from immoral groups and sexual charts in social media because those are dwelling of unclean spirits.

The Scriptures says if you want to overcome the devil you must resist him and draw near to God. You must resist all those materials and groups to resist the temptation and draw near to the Light of Jesus Christ. Avoid chatting with immoral people and block them. Avoid idleness on internet while you are alone because there are temptation and networks of unclean spirits everywhere hunting out souls for Satan.

Fear God while you are alone knowing that God is watching you. When you feel watching shame remember that God is watching you to overcome it. Our life is recorded in Heaven whether in darkness or in the light so learn to fear God when alone. You must develop self control to overcome sexual immorality addiction.

Dont look twice a shameful image if you happen to see and dont hung your eyes in shame. When you hung your eyes in shame you defile your mind by opening negative imagination which give birth to sin. Let self-control be your master and dont follow the desires of the eyes which leads to destruction.

Satan is Darkness and for you to overcome darkness you need the Light; Jesus Christ is the light of the world and drawing near Jesus Christ is overcoming Satan. (James 4:7-8 So then, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you.
Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners! Purify your hearts, you hypocrites!) Come near to Jesus Christ everyday by praying so much, fasting, reading the word of God, engaging with Christians or fellowship and connecting to a man of God for daily teachings which will grow your faith.

You need faith overcoming masturbation because you may find yourself doing it again after stopping, dont give up to pray and to repent. Fasting kills the flesh itself and fasting will break so easily the evil desires and unclean spirits. It is a process that you need so much prayers and to fast breaking those chains and spiritual soul ties. You need to decide the battle and to draw near to God every day. The more you come near to God the more Satan will be away from you.

Your weapon is hidden in holiness and righteousness. The more you make yourself pure the more you will be pure in both mind and heart. So, guide your heart so much and preserve holiness and fear of God. Masturbation has healthy effects and spiritual effects, it destroys the mind set and cause a disorder in emotional, it causes wounds and infection diseases in privates parts, it increases prostrates gland in men, after long period addiction it decreases sexual desire for opposite sex leading you to homosexual feelings to become a gay.

In spiritual effects it opens the door to demonic possession and satanic slavery. Danger of Masturbation in marriage life addiction is that you cannot be satisfied even after marriage and you will feel wanting after having sex with your partner and you will try different men and women thinking its your spouse. You cant find tighter vagina/penis that will hold you like your hands while you masturbate.

And that’s why those victims of masturbation end up in destroying their marriages. Those spirits of Masturbation addiction will fight every man or woman that comes over your life and you will end up remaining single because you are marriage to spiritual wife/husband in underworld. Those spirits will manifest themselves in disturbing sexual dreams at night and having sex with strange people in dreams.
They are called spirituals husbands/wives which gets stronger every time you masturbate or engage yourself in ungodly sex. They will bound you dragging you to commit suicide to end up in Hell. Take those steps to overcome Masturbation addiction now before you are dragged to eternal suffering of fire. Repent and confess your sins to be delivered and stop sinning.

If you ask me how I got free from masturbation, I will tell you “JESUS SAVED ME”! You cannot talk about FREEDOM WITHOUT JESUS!!

1)Be Born Again: Just like I said earlier you can never talk about freedom without Jesus, not even a Psychologist so if you are willing to be free from any form of addiction(masturbation and pornography) then you have to believe in Jesus by accepting Him as your personal Lord and Savior.

2)Knowing Who You Are In Christ: The reason why so many of us especially believers struggle with masturbation and pornography is because we do not know what the death of Christ signifies and who we are in Christ.
First, you need to know that the death of Jesus brought about freedom which includes freedom from sin and addiction, so you are no longer a slave to sin!
You are SAVED, the blood of Jesus was shed for your total freedom, to be pure in all aspects, so the will of God is not for you to remain addicted to masturbation/pornography.

3)Believe God Is Able To Save You: 90% of people who are faced with addictions do not trust God totally to save them, fear and guilt have pushed them far away from God, so instead of trusting God to save them, they keep trying on their own.
It is hard for most people who are faced with addictions to pray because they feel hated by God and this doesn’t help to change anything but keeps that person in guilt and pain.
I struggled with forgiving myself for so many years so it was so hard to believe I can be saved and set free by God so I kept going in circles, holding back to my guilt, I kept going back to masturbation because I didn’t see a possibility of my freedom.
Imagine how hard it is to access a person who built a wall around himself, God cannot help you when you refuse to let Him.
God wants to save you but He needs you to trust Him, you need to rely on His word and stand strong through prayers and word study.

4)Working Out Your Freedom: One truth so many of us refuse to accept is the part that says we have to work towards being free even if we are already free.
Now, you are set free from masturbation and pornography if you believe Jesus died for you but what about letting go of those things that can stop your total freedom.

No doubts you are free but why do you keep going back to masturbation every time the urge comes, here is why you must work out your freedom through prayers and word study, a personal relationship with God and surrounding yourself with people who will help you stand firm.
You cannot be totally free from masturbation when you are always caught in the midst of people who discuss only sex and romance, if you still listen to vulgar songs, movies with sex scenes and store nude pictures on your phone.
This step of working out your freedom is where so many of us stop at, thereby dragging us back to the bondage of pornography and masturbation.
You must make the decision of refusing to corrupt your mind, you may not be able to totally stay off nudity but you must work towards it.
If it means unfollowing or blocking people on your social media platforms, please go ahead, I give you my blessing!
I learnt to remove/refuse everything that would promote immoral thoughts in my mind, if I am led to talk to you about it and you accept fine but if not, I will have to block you, then pray for you as I preserve my soul.

Someone made a post acknowledging masturbation as a sin but when I scrolled through her timeline she was promoting sex among young people and teaching them the best way to enjoy sex! I was shocked just as you are now!
How can someone condemn one sin and be comfortable with the other? You cannot differentiate the sin of masturbation from the sin of fornication.

When the bible said flee sexual immorality, it includes masturbation, fornication, oral sex, romance, kissing and even looking at someone lustfully.
There is no better way to justify sin but to FLEE! Please don’t be deceived by wrong teachers who tell you, you can have sex with someone you are planning to get married to!
Please if you are determined to remain PURE, fight for it, work towards it, endure the circumstances it comes with!
The best part of this is, God is always with you on the race of purity! Don’t let anyone deceive you, YOU CAN STAY PURE

Stay around people who will encourage you, help you grow and pray with you not those who will drag you back knowingly or unknowingly into masturbation and pornography. Friends that will send you bible verses not nude pictures!

Finally, I want you to know that you can be FREE, when you tell people who are addicted about freedom, they always think it is impossible and this is what the devil wants them to believe which is a LIE.
God’s word says “If the son sets you free then you are free indeed” John 8:36

Repentance Prayer: Precious Jesus the Son of God, I acknowledge today that you are LORD and saviour of all mankind, and today I have recognized my downfall, I repent and turn away from all sin. I repent of defiling your temple in Jesus Christ name, I repent of Sexual sin, Please wash me with your precious blood, and establish your word in my life, that I may be found in righteousness and holiness and write my name in your book of life and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I receive you as the Lord and Saviour of my Life in Jesus name. I cleanse my heart by the blood of Jesus Christ, i cleanse my mind in Jesus Christ name. AMEN.
……after repenting
Renounce masturbation and sexual covenants in Jesus name. I renounce every evil promises and agreements in Jesus name. I renounce every spiritual wife/husband in Jesus name.

1: Every Sexual covenant in my Life be Broken in Jesus name. Every soul tie be broken in Jesus name.
2: Every sexual vow and bound be broken in Jesus name.
3: Every chain of spiritual wife/husband be broken in Mighty name of Jesus.
4: I come against every evil mind in Jesus name, i uproot every unclean thought in Jesus Christ name, every evil plantation in my body and mind be uprooted in Jesus name.
5: Every evil dream be cut off in Jesus Christ name. I set free my heart in Jesus Christ name.
6: I cover my mind, my Spiritual life by the Blood of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit.
7: I declare in Jesus Christ am free by the blood of Jesus Christ and delivered in Jesus Christ name.
the end

Dear Friend,
God can save you from every form of addiction whether masturbation or pornography because He is able to set you free! You will be free if you trust Him and believe in His word.
Read the steps above it could give you a push in your journey of freedom! I hope this changes the heart of someone

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