Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Part 13

I AM A VIRGINđź’śđź’śđź’ś
Part 13
I am a virgin

The next day I and my husband went to my Pastor’s house together, since I had told him earlier. When we got there, my Pastor’s wife was just saying all sorts to me.

You have failed ooo! God has healed her from your attack. We later got to know that Rosaline had had a nightmare where she said I stabbed Joy, then she woke up to find that Joy was having difficulty breathing then they rushed her to the hospital where they were told there was nothing wrong with her.

We have been praying since we got to the hospital! Now Joy is back home with us, safe and sound. Witch, God is bigger than your witchcraft! My Pastor’s wife added.

Mummy, what has my wife done for you to hate her so much? Caleb asks puzzled and shocked at the insults and abuses that were being rained on me by my Pastor’s wife and his daughter. The pastor was quiet after he had been trying without success to get his wife calm down

“You have been Bewitched! Which is why you can’t see through her schemes and deceptions.” Rosaline added.

I noticed my husband was quiet.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Rosaline asks uncomfortable with Caleb’s stares.

There’s more isn’t there? There’s more details you left out in the dream, confess it! Caleb said.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Rosaline replies jittery, avoiding his eyes.

I command you to confess it in Jesus name! Caleb yells.

“Stop raising your voice at my wife, Mr Man!” Respect yourself or I will show you your place! Moses barked.
Rosaline broke down in tears, fine I will confess. She falls in a sitted position to the floor.
All these had been happening in the sitting room.

Flashback ****

Rosaline and Funbi had gone on a Village Outreach organized by their School Fellowship on Campus. Funbi was in 200 level studying Economics while Rosaline was in 500level, Department of Nursing. Both had volunteered to talk to Teenagers during the Village Outreach.

During the time they were to counsel the children one on one, Rosaline and Funbi had been together…

Funbi: (to the teenager) Abstinence till Marriage is not impossible! It may not seem to be a popular opinion, but it is God’s will. Besides, God’s will isn’t always a popular opinion.
Choose to wait till Marriage, set good and Godly Standards, walk by those standards and God will help keep you from defilement as you yield to Him.

The girl: It sounds impossible to wait till Marriage before having sex though. Did you wait?

Funbi: I’m still waiting.
Girl: You mean to say, you are a virgin?

Rosaline: (on seeing Funbi’s hesitance in responding to the question, she cuts in) It’s not only when you haven’t had sex that you should wait, even if you’ve had sex in the past, you can genuinely repent and turn to God and He would make you whole. Then you ensure you don’t go back to your vomit by setting standards that will help you abstain and keeping those standards.

Girl: See? I knew it wasn’t possible to stay without sex till Marriage. That’s impossible!

Funbi: It isn’t, believe me.
Girl: So both of you never had sex? If you haven’t then I would agree it’s possible, but if you have how am I to believe I can make it to Marriage without having sex. That’s absurd!

Rosaline: You can’t make human being your standard, that some have made mistakes doesn’t mean you will too!

Girl: I can’t do it! Abstinence is impossible!

Funbi: It isn’t! I and my sister here are waiting.

Girl: Yeah right. After you both have had sex. If you both have enjoyed it before, why prevent others from doing so all in the name of “God says”?

Funbi: I haven’t had sex.
Rosaline: (shocked at what Funbi said) You haven’t?
Girl: Are you serious? Or you’re just saying it to “win a soul”?

Funbi: I am, by God’s Grace. So I believe you can too. But I will not Condemn those who aren’t because it’s not my place and I don’t know their story. I can only pray for them and encourage them “Abstinence despite an unpleasant past, is still possible.”

Rosaline: (feeling intimidated and envious but disguises facing the girl) So you see, Remaining a Virgin till Marriage is very possible.

Girl: (nods reluctantly.) I guess you are right. May God help me.
Funbi: (smiles) He will.

Back to the Present

“After that incident, I became more jealous of Funbi since she had everything going fine for her. My Father even started Praising her after he overheard me telling mother she was a virgin. He was always using her as an example of someone to emulate anytime he was talking to the Youths and Teenagers.” Rosaline continued. She’s not Jesus for crying out loud!
It made me really bitter, since I had been struggling with abstinence since I started having sex in 200 level with my boyfriend then before we later broke up 3years later. I was still trying to recover from the break up when we went for the Village Outreach.
Funbi, I’m sorry I hurt you but dad just kept rubbing your virginity in all our faces…
My Pastor sighs, his head bowed.

Then finding out that you and Moses were to get married was the last straw, I had to do something about it. Since he had always been my dream man.
That was why I got a fake virginity test result to shatter your dreams of having a happy life.
And since I was the one who told Moses, he believed my story since he knew you were living with us…

Ahhh! Moses exclaimed. So it was all a lie. You tricked me!

You tricked us! My Pastor’s wife added.

I was already in tears by now with Caleb holding me to console me.
I thought you were my Sister, Rosie I thought you loved me? I said amidst tears.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what took over me.” She added weakly. I had made plans on poisoning you and ensuring you couldn’t have kids when my baby was attacked…

To be continued…..

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