Growing up I was insecure about my self, I felt ugly. Imagine someone God created feeling incomplete, I wanted a different face shape, long legs, slim body, I just didn’t see myself as well made.
Some of us think having slim legs, big eyes, fat face, long legs, being skinny is an imperfection in God’s creation thereby feeling incomplete Udonminit!

Do you think your perfection is found in having what we call the perfect body structure? No your flaws make you unique and beautiful!
If someone was born with an eye defect or as a stammerer just like Moses does it make them less unique or stop God from using them?
Before you make people feel insecure please know they didn’t create themselves, we were all created uniquely and if we have any flaws it makes us perfect!

God created a man, made him dark, fair, tall, short, fat, hippy or without hips and the list goes on and all you do is look for certain faults, where God made a mistake! So you want to make correction in God’s creation, who sent you?

No matter how you look you were created by God and for that reason just as Psalms 139: 14 says “You are wonderfully and fearfully made” God took His time to create you, God created you in love and for a particular reason and purpose!
I want you to know you are beautiful, you are special, you were created for more, there is none like you even on the streets of London and no matter how you are, white or black, short or tall you are a FULL SPEC!

You need to live with this awareness, don’t believe you are less special especially when you are a believer!
You are embedded with gifts, you carry God’s glory, you are blessed with heavenly blessings! Kai only one person!
Do you know what it means to be a child of God? It means you are free from sin and death! It means you no longer controlled by the flesh! It means you carry the presence of God.
If you know this, please tell us
Just a reminder to tell you, no matter how you look, your flaws, your skin color, the shape of your mouth and face, you are complete in Christ, no one is more unique than you are!
For me, I am born of God, I carry God’s glory, I am blessed, embedded with gifts, I am talented, I will break grounds and crush stereotypes!

I will impact my generation, I am created for more and before I forget I am beautiful, you just need to see me!
Fam, are we keeping quiet, let our voices roar! You are a full spec, let em know, you can attach a beautiful picture of you

©Scripted by The Journey of A Christian Lady

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