“My First Night At The Property God Gave Us In America” – Pastor E. A. Adeboye

USA prayer house

I still remember my first night at a property God gave us in America, 114 acres of land. When I got there I told the boys that brought me to go home that I will sleep there. That night, I was walking round and thanking God for the land, it was cold so I went back to the vehicle. But my spirit was not settled so I came back out and God said ‘my son, walk for as much as you can see, I will give it to you’.

RCCG  North- America,floyd

There was a house there and He said ‘you see that house, it is yours’.
When my boys came in the morning I told them this is what God said in the night. One of them said don’t say it too loud so the owner of that house will not come out with a gun.

Two years later, the owner of the house put the house up for sale and we went to meet him to tell him what God said, he said ‘you should have told me two years ago to save me from this headache’.

The moment God spoke, he had no rest in that house. Today, that 144 acres has increased to more than 800 acres.

God is faithful.

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