Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Part 12


Caleb took me out that day. Since we were newly married Caleb’s friend my boss gave me a few weeks leave so we could enjoy our honeymoon. He was just so excited and was grinning from ear to ear. He was all over me as always trying to make sure I enjoyed my self. He was really spoiling me.

We went to Church for Bible study in the evening. He officiated in his department as an usher, winking at me every chance he got. I was just blushing.

I almost forgot to tell you, Moses already had a beautiful baby girl by now named Joy and she was really adorable. She was a few months old…

When service had ended, guess who came to say hi. Yes, you guessed it right, Moses did.
“You are looking radiant” he said.
Thank you. I smiled. How are you?
I’m good, good. He replied. Congratulations Once Again on your wedding. I guess, Caleb was the one brother that could cope with your lies. You really have him fooled. He sees you as a saint you are not and was willing to go with your “No Sex till Marriage” excuses, he scoffs. Typical of him.

What are you doing with her? That was Rosaline Coming to Join her husband with Joy in her hands.
I… I was just… I was just putting her in her place.
Better! Rosaline eyed me with disdain. She’s badluck! She’s got even the blind Caleb fooled. She still has the audacity to still be attending Church here, Abominable human being. Hypocrite!

Rosaline, are we enemies now? You’ve always been my sister. If anyone doubts me you shouldn’t.

Rosaline scoffs. I’m not your sister, my parents made you what you are.
But what did they get in return…? Even dad who doted on you got betrayal in return. Some people just don’t deserve any help. They are just hungry dogs waiting for Strength to bite you once you feed them.

If it’s not the Ojukwus ! Caleb was saying as he got to us. How are you doing? He asks cheerfully.
Yeah, we’re fine. Rosaline responded. We have somewhere to go. Let’s go honey.
Good luck to you. Moses walks away with Rosaline.
What’s with the coldness? Caleb asked.
Anyways, I have a Surprise for you.

When don’t you have Surprises, MOG? I asked.
We Both laugh.
My husband has always been full of surprises, buying me gifts, taking me out… I also give him gifts but, he still is the best with Surprises. He’s just so Amazing.
He probably had bought something for me again…

He made me my favorite meal that night and got me 3 Puppies the next day, knowing how much I loved dogs. He was indifferent to dogs though.

Sweetie, we need to pray for God to expose the evil person hiding in secret wanting to afflict us. He or she must come out openly and confess the atrocities done against me. I told my husband one morning.
Who could have spread that rumour back then about me being a loose woman to everyone?

You are right, we must pray about it.
After we had prayed, I got a call from My Pastor’s wife Mrs Ocha, asking me to see her the next day.
Okay ma, I will try and be there in the evening ma, that’s when I’m less busy…

“Just know that your plan has failed! It will not work!” was what she was saying. I was hearing voices in the background like someone was trying to calm her down…

Mummy, I don’t understand ma…she ends the call.

What could be going on?

To be continued….

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