Dr Uma Ukpai is an household name in eastern Nigeria, from his fall into sin, God picked him, remode and relaunched him.
His faith is saving, healing and realigning.
He once fasted for more than three years and when his wife accused him that he wanted to make her a widow, he said less of God is what he was avoiding.

He said, he can’t afford to be like other ministers of the gospel in eastern Nigeria.
He fasted and prayed until he got power.
A governor from eastern Nigerian once said he would only believe God in him if he sees a man born cripple walk in his crusade.
The governor was in his car with his side when he said it but God opened the ears of Dr Uma Ukpai to hear their secret conversation.

When it was time, Papa Uma Ukpai told the governor the exact word he said in his vehicle.
He ordered any one born cripple to be brought forward, 2 siblings were part of those brought.
As Papa Uma Ukpai sang in appreciation to God, the breathe of God came mightily, the cloud descended and the sibling born crippled rose and ran to embrace the governor where he sat.

Raw miracles surfaced on the ground, the governor had no choice than to praise the living God who knew the thought of men.
Years, later Papa Uma Ukpai developed intestines problem due to continuous fasting, whenever he opened his mouth he vomitted blood.
He prayed and prayed but God told him he would heal but not yet.
He must honour an invitation in Togo, West Africa despite this serious ailment.

He went to see a doctor and he was told he would be operated on, the intestine needed to be sown, he asked for his chances of survival but the doctor told him it was a dicey situation.
Dr Uma Ukpai said he would rather die on the pulpit preaching than on the hospital bed.
His host in Togo had already announced that all the sick should be brought to the crusade ground because the man coming has a mighty healing anointing.

For the 4 days when Papa Uma ministered he didn’t vomit blood but at the hotel he would Vomit until the bucket was full.
On the last day of the program, He asked God to heal and God said, when he got back to Nigeria he should eat garri(eba), this is one of the food the doctor told him not to eat.
So getting back, he told his daughter to prepare for him garri, the wife resisted this but Papa said this what God told me eat to get healed.
He ate a bowl of it then slept off like never before and woke up healed.
Till date, he didn’t vomit the blood again.

His intestine was fully healed.
Faith does it, faith accepts the verdict of God, faith is the very foundation of the miraculous.
If we will not turn to God through faith, we will remain unusable for Him.
Faith is rugged and loaded.
The path we missed is faith.
Our God is always available where faith is readily available.
If your faith heals other, it can heal you too.

Uma Ukpai is faith legend, a diamond in open land.
The Lord once told me Dr Uma Ukpai has an ear permanently connected to His heart.
He doesn’t joke with the voice of God.
Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word and voice of God.


A.T Joel
Copied: Prophet A.T Joel
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