The Strongest MEN on earth are not WRESTLERS…or BOUNCERS
The Strongest men on earth are those who can STAND in the Place of PRAYERS for HOURS without getting tired.
Habakkuk 2:1 I will STAND upon my watch, and set me upon the tower…
These Men depend on the ENERGY of the SPIRIT and not the ENERGY of the FLESH.

There’s a limit to what the FLESH can do…
When it comes to the issue of PRAYERS don’t claim you’re a Youth…your strength will fail you even as a Youth.
You must learn to depend on the ENERGY of the Spirit

Anytime you get back from work feeling very tired…at that point your body is saying; “Just EAT and SLEEP” but your Spirit is saying “GET UP AND PRAY”
What you should do is to depend on the Energy of the Spirit…and ask the Holy Ghost to Quicken your mortal body…He’ll always plays His part.

PRAYER will look like an impossible task to you when GRACE is absent.

PRAYER is like a GYM…While the WORD is like FOOD.
You can’t Build your six packs with GYM alone, you also need to eat enough FOOD.
So also, you can’t build your Spiritual life with prayers alone…you also need to EAT the WORD
Jeremiah 15:16 “Thy WORDS were found, and I did EAT them…”
The more you GYM(pray) is the more your appetite for FOOD (the word) increases.

You’ll become very light Spiritually if all you do is to PRAY, you also need to study the Word.
In fact, you can’t pray aright if you don’t know the WORD
James 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss…
The Word of God is not literature…the word of God is Food for the SOUL.
The Word of God is not ENGLISH LANGUAGE, the word of God is SPIRIT and LIFE.

John 6:63 “…the WORDS that I speak unto you, they are SPIRIT, and they are LIFE.”
One major sign that you’re Sick is that you’ll lose appetite for Food…and so also, anyone who lacks appetite for the WORD is sick spiritually.

Why not pray and say; “Lord, give me appetite and Hunger for your WORD AND PRAYERS…”

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