Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Part 11


Funbi is running and Panting like she is being chased…
“You haven’t seen anything, I will not rest till you aren’t only stranded, but till I see your downfall”
Rubbing your virginity in everyone’s face like you are the only virgin…must you have everything that’s rightfully mine?, the care, the attention, the man I have always wanted?
She laughs hysterically.
Now you are pregnant but not for long, I will make sure I kill you with those babies….

Funbi wakes from her sleep panting, she is sweating profusely. She sits up and looks at Caleb, he seemed soundly asleep and she didn’t want to interrupt his sleep…

What sort of dream is this? Funbi is a little puzzled. Rubbing my
Virginity in someone’s face? Having all that was rightfylly hers?
What woman wants my Man? Who could be after My Caleb? Could it be his ex?
Darling, what’s the matter?
Caleb’s voice had startled her. She must had been thinking aloud unknowingly to have woken him up, she thought.

Babe, you seem a little worried, what’s the matter?

I had a dream. Caleb listens attentively as she narrates the dream to him.
Caleb’s eyes brightens, Wait, we are Pregnant? He asks, excited, then suddenly calms down. But it’s just been 2 weeks since our wedding, how can you tell? He rubs her tummy and places his ear close to it.
“We are having a baby!”

MOG, I said the woman in my dream said she was going to kill me with my babies…

Wait, Caleb jumps excitedly, Babies? We are having more than one in here, he rubs her tummy affectionately.

Funbi rolls her eyes, Sweetheart “That is hardly the issue” she replied trying really hard not to giggle as her husband’s excitedness was contagious and she really wanted them to pray about the dream. She was still worried.
I think your ex maybe unto us. I mean, you did say she wanted you back before we started Courting…? Caleb raises an eyebrow.
Yes, it’s true I said I didn’t see the face of the woman threatening me in the dream, but she did say she wanted you both back together then.

Caleb smiles. I don’t think it’s Bimpe though. Bimpe doesn’t know you that well. The woman you talked about seemed jealous of your Standards of waiting till Marriage before having sex. Do you think Bimpe knew that?

Funbi is more puzzled. Then who could it have been? I don’t remember ever announcing or rubbing it in anyone’s face that I was a virgin.

I am just so happy we are pregnant. Caleb giggles.

“We aren’t sure we are pregnant yet.” She sighs.

If we aren’t, why are you then worrying about the dream being real? Caleb inquired.
What if it will happen only once I get pregnant.
Maybe we aren’t pregnant yet. Funbi replies.

Then you shouldn’t worry about it, because once the plans of the devil are exposed to God’s children before it is done or happens in the Physical, it means we have overcome since we can pray against it by confronting it with the Word of God before it is carried out.
So don’t worry honey, we have won and we are having babies, he grins sheepishly as Funbi giggles feeling at Peace with his response.

She was grateful that God had given her, the best of the best, a man that Loved God and had Unwavering Faith in Him.
Months of Waiting after Moses broke her heart had been indeed worth it.

We are visiting the hospital in the morning to confirm what we already know God has done for us. Caleb adds excitedly. Thank you Jesus! Funbi blushes….

They go on their knees and pray with their hands joined thanking God and Coming against every negative Pronouncement and standing on God’s Word.

The next morning, they stopped by at the hospital and Funbi was of course, 2 weeks gone. They were so excited they were soon going to be parents.

But who could have been envying Funbi, all this while?

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