Mrs and Mrs Bamiloye
Mrs and Mrs Bamiloye

Yes you’re beautiful and obviously every guy loves beautiful girls but with that your beauty what else do you carry?
Yes you’re shapey and have the curves but with that your shapiness and curviness what else do you have?.
Why The need for a man, when you don’t have something tangible to keep him.

Yes you desire him, because he carries fire, rich, intelligent e.t.c
But what do you have to offer in that relationship.
Sex is definitely not an option but a self downgradeness.
No man will want to marry a liability
Don’t just stay there desiring a man like Daddy Bishop David Oyedepo anointing.

When you do not even have what it takes to keep it.
Or Men don’t go desiring a lady like Mama Folajimi anointing when you don’t have the strength to keep it.
Just like the Proverb 31 woman whose husband was not only known among the gates but also sitted amongst the elders of the land.

Ahh who can find a Virtuous woman, Her price is far above rubbies.
There was something that woman had that she couldn’t even be priced
You may ask this question within you “What can I do or have or acquire to then learn so I can be one that a man desire “.

My answer here is Work. Yes work…
Work and acquire on your skills,
Work on your attitude
Read books that will give you more enlightenment.
Have atleast an idea in an aspect about general studies.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit on how you will align yourself.
Looking for a wife material is not bad but are you a good tailor???
When God finally gives you the Wife material will you handle it with care or will you destroy it.
Every tongue speaking and spiritual brother you say you want and also admire.
Why can’t you also have those things you see in them so that they will desire you.

So I leave you with this question
If you are asked, May you marry who you deserve. Can you say “Amen”.
If No. Then Go To Work . . .. . ..

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