The Fathers
The Fathers

Since the 1970’s and 80’s they have been connected
Daddy Adeboye has been their father since then even when there was no Redemption Camp, yet they have been following.
There was no crowd then, yet they kept following.
There was no fame yet then, they kept following.

Bishop Wale Oke and Bishop Oyedepo were friends since then (and up) till now,
nobody (has) felt superior or inferior.
Bishop Oyedepo’s ministry seems to be larger and has more spread yet nothing affected their friendship.

Bishop Oyedepo started University (Covenant) since (2002) plus the second one (Landmark-2011), while Bishop Wale Oke just started (Precious Cornerstone-2017) yet nothing affected their friendship.
Bishop Oyedepo hardly leaves church on Sundays while Bishop Wale Oke is an Apostle to the Body of Christ and yet nothing (has) changed their friendship.

Dear young MOG, you started just 2 or 3 years ago oh and now have changed father like changing boxers
We can’t say this is your friend because you (have) kept changing friends like changing underwear.
Haha, If a man of God is trending, you move there and and neglect the former father or former friend.

Hmmmm how I wish we can see and keep kingdom destiny relationships
We need more lasting relationships in the Body of Christ.
Stop this envy and strife, bitterness, malice.

Complements not competitors
I see a burning generation


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