Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Episode 9


I began my new job and it was wonderful. I couldn’t stop appreciating God and Caleb. I got a wonderful boss who was very understanding despite being strict plus I was being treated like a VIP probably because Caleb was a best friend to my boss, Matthew.

As my job was going on smooth, so also was my friendship with Caleb. We became so close that we couldn’t do without speaking with each other in a day. When I gave him back the invitation card, he felt bad that I had to see the wedding invitation of my ex but I assured me that I was gradually getting over him.

Rosaline and Moses tied the knot and surprisingly, I wasn’t moved. I actually thought that I would cry that day but I found myself singing songs of joy.

Two months into my new job, my boss asked to go and submit a proposal to a company which happened to be one of our partners. Though, I haven’t been there before but I was able to locate the company with the help of the google map.

Getting there, I was directed to the MD’s, office. The Secretary who was obilivious of the fact that her boss has a visitor in his office ushered me in. Upon entering the MD’s office, I was surprised to see Caleb as the MD in the midst of a funny scenario as a lady was trying to force herself on him.

That scenario I saw suddenly made me jealous, I didn’t even understand why I was jealous. I apologized for interrupting them and was about to go out of the office when he stopped me from leaving and walk the lady out of his office.

After the lady left the office, I suddenly started acting up like the jealousy was boiling in me that I couldn’t converse well with him. I managed to speak to him and handed the proposal over to him then begged to take my leave when he suddenly held my hand and looked into my eyes.

Caleb: Funbi, I am really sorry for the scenario you met. That young lady is my ex, she broke up with me because she found someone better. Now that the someone better jilted her, she want us to start afresh

Me: (gave a fake smile) you don’t have to explain that to me. I mean, I have no right to your personal life. Well, you can consider giving her another chance

Caleb: I can’t give her another chance because my heart now belongs to someone else and that person is you

Me: (shocked) what??

Caleb: I never planned on voicing out my feelings for you this way but the scenario you met is what brought this up. I am not perfect as I have my flaws but I promise not to make you cry, all you need is just to give me a chance

Me: hmmmmm

Caleb: I don’t expect an answer from you now so please take your time to pray and think about it but please, don’t keep a brother in love waiting

Me: (nod my head) can I take my leave now???

Caleb: sure, please take good care of yourself. I will call you later in the evening to check on you

Me: Alright, thank you.

Caleb saw me off and got a cab to take me to my office. Yea, I knew I had feelings for him but I didn’t know that the feeling was mutual. I suddenly became scared asking myself if he won’t jilt me the way Moses did.

For one month, I didn’t bother about praying about Caleb’s proposal as I was busy calculating if the relationship will end well or not. We talk every day but I didn’t bring the proposal issue up and he didn’t remind me.

It was a week to the end of the year and i decided to eventually pray about the proposal. That day, I got a conviction that he was meant for me. As happy as I was, I never stopped praying against heartbreak as I didn’t think I could survive another heartbreak.

It was the last day of the year and everyone went to church for the cross over service. Immediately we crossed into a new year and finished the Church service, I dialled Caleb’s contact.

Me: ( I screamed with so much excitement) happy new yearrrrr

Caleb: Awwn! Wish you the best of it dear

Me: Guess what?? It’s a Yesssss

Caleb: a yes??? How??

Me: come on, I am ready to be your better half

Caleb: (became excited) Jesus!! At last. But why did you keep me waiting? I have been waiting for almost three months, I was even getting discouraged. Thank you very much dear, by God’s grace, you won’t regret ever giving me a chance.

To be continued

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