Valentine Cruise !

Valentine cruise
Valentine cruise

As the Valentine cruise will be rising and may cause an uproar, I want to remind you that sex is not a Valentine’s gift so you can go ahead and buy perfumes, cake, wristwatches etc
I hear people say “I had sex with him/her to show I love them” and it breaks my heart.

How do you please a man, the desires of flesh and displease God.
You staying away from immorality is not to receive applauds and rewards from men for staying pure but a glorification from God who sees everything, even the things done in secret!

So you do not have sex to show love but you stay pure and help the other person stay pure if you truly love them and you are faithful to God. God is love, there is nothing impure in God!
Please, the Valentine celebration is not a time to compromise, don’t be found in places that will implicate you!

You don’t have to visit Brother Kunle’s house for the Valentine’s Day, you can meet in an open place, mbok!

There is no day of compromising, no time of exception, no chance for our desires! If you say you love me, then you will wait, you will help me wait
If you cannot wait, you can go!
I can transfer transport fare for you…

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