P.Daniel Olawande
P.Daniel Olawande

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].”
‭‭James‬ ‭5:16‬b ‭AMPC‬‬

From the above scripture we see that the technology that makes power available to a believer is prayer, I give praise to God that some of us including myself in our generation have pioneered a prayer movement among the young people from our denominations and across the body of Christ, from 12 hours prayers to 48 hours to 72 hours to several days of shut down. My generation is not alien to all these, so the issue here is not whether we pray or not but why are we powerless with our prayers.

I have read about the prayer life of Jesus and the results that followed, same with Elijah , Apostle Paul, well we might say those are Bible guys what about men like Charlse G Finey, D.L Moody, John Knox, Ayo Babalola, Daddy Adeboye and the host of others.
We read and heard about their prayers and the exploits that followed but it appears to me that the prayers of my generation is at best seen on the social media and our pictures and stories.
What is the problem?

As I began to probe into this, I saw something very very profound, I saw that the difference between our prayers and theirs is a word called DISTRACTION

They had less distraction compared to us, but with us, distraction is the definition of our day.
If you break the word distraction into two we will see something like

What is Traction? Traction is the support or interest that is needed for something to make progress or succeed
God is our traction.

What happens to us is that satan comes with his agenda which is to
DISCONNECT us from our TRACTION hence we experience what is called DISTRACTION.

There is something about those men of old, when they pray, they are always away from any form of distraction, they stay away from the people, they stay alone, they are on the mountain, Jesus will rise up a great whole before day and go to a solitary place and pray Mark 1:35, Elijah will go to the mountains, John Knox will enter into the woods, Babalola will go to the mountain, Adeboye will go for prayer walk and so on, Everything they were doing was to stay away from distraction so that they won’t be disconnected from their traction.

Yes we will say we are to pray without ceasing and everywhere, of course yes but THERE MUST BE CERTAIN TIMES ON A DAILY BASIS THAT YOU SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING AND STAY ALONE WITH GOD, NO PHONES, NOBODY, NOTHING. That was their secret. After this time then you can saturate your whole day with prayers like pray while cooking, in bathroom, while driving, in toilet, in traffic, while chatting and so on but this is never a substitute for TIME ALONE WITH GOD ON A DAILY BASIS.

Even if it is 1 hour you must create a time alone with God.

Devil’s strategy is to give us assignment and work to do while praying, as soon as you start praying, he will come to remind you the message you have not replied, who to call, what to cook, mails to reply, notifications, Watsap messages and all manner.

From today never recieve orders from the devil, create time alone with God and SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN, STAY AWAY, LOCK YOUR DOOR, SHUT DOWN PHONES, NO NOTIFICATIONS, NO CALLS, NO CHATS at least 1 hour daily, then you can now saturate your day with prayers even while you are doing other things.

Arrest the to and fro movement of your heart by maintaining focus in prayers, when going for prayer meetings, shut down your phones, many come for 12 hours prayers but was disconnected from their traction for 5 hours due to instagram and Twitter messages.
Their is time for everything
My generation needs to understand the message of focus and ensure we are not disconnected from our traction.

I hope you are instructed.
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I see a burning generation

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