Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Episode 6


Holy Spirit: I gave Funbi to Moses because she has what it takes to take the ministry, I gave him his next level but the moment he broke up with her, I gave the ministry to someone else as I can’t allow my name to be mocked by the. ungodly. You see, the manifestation of his destiny is tied to the ministry and the devil who doesn’t want that to be achieved decided to come through this way.

Caleb: hmmmmmm

Holy Spirit: Funbi has a great ministry and you also have a greater role to play in that ministry that is if you follow my leading by getting married to her

Caleb: does that mean you are giving me the ministry you collected from Moses?

Holy Spirit: I never said so. I will tell you more when you decided to follow my leading.

What I have come to realize is that God can give a promise but the manifestation can be delayed. I actually thought the manifestation to the promises I came across in the Bible will manifest immediately but I got it all wrong.

After two weeks of not hearing anything from the organizations I submitted my credentials, I made more photocopies and went in search of other organizations with vacancies. After a futile search, I got home only to realize that my cell phone was missing.

I searched thoroughly for it but didn’t see it. I felt so bad because that was my only hope of getting a job. When the issue of my cell phone wanted to bring depression, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and I felt encouraged.

I lost a lot of contact including that of Sis Clara, I remembered that she gave me her house address so, I decided to go see her and inform her about my missing cell phone only for me to get there and be told that her mother needed an urgent kidney transplant so she traveled out of the country with her sick mother.

Being discouraged was an understatement because my only hope of getting help was dashed. When I saw that jobs weren’t forth coming, I decided to go in search of supermarkets and stores in need of sales girls as I was ready to do anything just to provide my daily bread and to be able to save for my next rent.

In the course of the search, I saw a canteen that was urgently in need of a sales girl. I went in hurriedly and was taken to meet the owner of the canteen who promised to pay me a thousand naira per day.

Though it wasn’t encouraging but it was better than sitting at home with no source of income. I resumed immediately with the mind of quitting once I get a better offer.

Working in the canteen wasn’t an easy task, there were times when I would be insulted by the customers and even by the boss. Other times, the male customers will want to fondle with my body part in exchange for money but I stood my ground.

Despite the harsh treatment from the boss and customers, I continued with my work as I was able to take care of myself and also save part of my earnings. Sometimes, I just can’t believe that I that earn almost eighty thousand naira per month now earn a thousand naira per day.

I kept on encouraging myself that all will be fine one day, I just hope it comes sooner.

To be continued

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