To Our Sleeping Deborah’s
Judge 5:7 The inhabitants of the village ceased, they cease in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in isreal
Village life ceased until a Woman Arose.

A woman like you and I arose.
Where are the Deborah’s of our generation??
Where are the Mothers of our time??
Where are the women who will spend more time fixing the territory rather than fixing nails
A woman slayed principalities and powers and arose as a mother in isreal rather than slaying and seducing men to fall for her in bed.
A woman left the pleasures of the world, she left parties, left clubs and the only thing she was carving for,to free isreal.

People say a woman’s place is in the kitchen but we see a woman who did not only capture a kitchen but a Territory, A generation, A lineage
And Deborah arose as a Mother not as the latest slay mama on social media.
Ahh My God… Help the sisters of this generation our generation need more of Kathryn Kulhman…
Ladies that cry as a result of the intimacy with the Holy spirit rather than crying as a result of heartbreak from a relationship the holy spirit told then to avoid.

Ladies that will long for God rather than the pleasures of the world….
Ladies that will capture social media with Godly post rather than capturing the heart of men by showing off their body part..
Lord if you need any lady for you next move of Revival… I say Yes.
Lord if you are looking for a Female Vessel… I say Yes.
Why are you scared to say Yes.. Yes you.

Don’t you know God wil give you the grace and equip you.
But before that. Work on yourself.
Stop sleeping ladies… Arise Arise Arise.
Wake up by midnight pray your results down.. Arise Pray Prepare
Because it was until Deborah arose that isreal saw her as a mother.

Arise from your slumber oh ladies…
Oh Deborah’s where art thou


To Our Sleeping Elijah’s

Wait ooooo
Bros, back then in school, your fire for God was burning greatly…
So many nights you prayed in school classes..
So many nights you prayed In the school long tennis court and football field.
In your department, you were known as a soul winner.
Through you, God brought salvation to your lodge
Your morning cry was electric.. many ladies in female hostel repented because of you.

Your fellowship depended so much on you as music director, urshers director, prayer coordinator etc
Suddenly, after graduation, after six months I.T,….nobody hears after your fire again..
Since 3 months the university closed Because of covid-19, you have not Been to church..
No more soul winning.. No more tongues..

No more my God, my God.
No more revival revival
No more shakatabobosi
Suddenly you have lost your passion for God, church, service and worship..
Now you have settle for party DJ…DJ koba..
Chaii, man of fire.
Now you are fighting over a girl in Your neighbourhood, online, everything.
Chaii.. man of passion
Now you are more interested in six packs, 7 packs, 8 packs…
now you have great passion for babes with hot hips and full “Manchester”
Chaii… man of Fire..

Your ring tone is no longer tongues of fire but hips on fire…
Now you have returned to masturbation.. and fornication…
Now you are sponsoring abortion and sex drugs..
Where are you.??. the angels are asking…
Now you are comfortable just seating behind in church with jeans
During your time in the campus, you promised God THAT you will take cities and nations for him. .

But now.. phyno, Davido etc has taken over your soul..
Weed is now your bible..
Night Club is now your parish..
Slim and hot babes are now your salvation.
Your current bank Job is now your God..

Pornography is now your olive oil
Awake oh General
Awake oh man of fire
Awake oh arm of God
Put on strength as in the days of the old..
When you did wonders for heaven.

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