Hey.. Sister I heard, you said you want a Man like Sir Kirk Franklin or Travis Greene
And yet you still go from one club and attending night parties to another
You still follow them “pepper them gang” squard and said you’re not interested in this church thing.

You wear heels and don’t constantly go on your knees
You call your self Jesus baby, Yeshua bride, Small girl with big God.
Yet you can’t go broken and on knees for God . Chai
You can’t feed yourself with enough knowledge about marriage and God
You we’re asked what kind of man you want.. You said you want a kirk franklin type of guy.
Heyyyy sister are you sure that if Kirk Franklin sees you he will like you. .
Oouch okay let’s go slow …

Are you his type
Okay.. Can you marry someone that is like you.. Ehen sister answer.
Proverbs 27:17 says iron sharpeneth iron.
You have to be an iron to sharpen another iron.
You as a rubber can’t go near an iron that is constantly on fire.. Before you even reach there you will melt and the fire will burn you .

Yet you say these church brothers sef you don’t understand them.
How will you understand someone you can’t even see.
But look at it this way. If you are an iron constantly on fire like red hot fire.. Haba when you see your type you will know.
Sister please enough of the wishing and more of the knees
Enough of the parties and more of the praises
Enough of the pepper them gang and more of the light them gang

Look at the way you are.. Can you allow your son marry your type.
If not then invest in yourself
Spend more time on fixing your brain than fixing your nails.
Learn to start becoming who you want..
You want a fire for God brother, then start becoming a fire for God sister.
You want a gentle, nice brother and you are still arrogant..
Arrh sister change your ways.

Have you been blessed
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