Story: I AM A VIRGIN – Episode 4&5


I spent my one week leave at home. I was mostly indoor as I was just crying my heart to God, it was really a tough time for me that I had to question God if He was still interested in me.

Two days to the end of my leave, the pastor’s wife summoned me into the sitting room.

Me: good afternoon mommy, you sent for me

Pastor wife: yes, I did. So, with the turn out of event, my husband and I came to a conclusion that it is better for you to leave our house and begin your life afresh. We saw you through school and the only thing you could do to repay us is messing up yourself and losing a lifetime opportunity of becoming an in-law to the Ocha’s. Do you know how many ladies that are craving for such opportunity?

Me: (fell on my knees) mommy, please don’t do this to me. I have no where to go, I have no relatives to run to. Please, forgive me

Pastor wife: well, I am not the one you are to apologize to, it is my husband and he has gone for a two weeks conference. His order was that he must not meet you in the house so, please you have just one hour of pick your things and leave

Me: mommy, please don’t do this to me

Pastor wife: don’t push me into asking Musa to throw you out. Respect yourself and leave

Seeing how unbending she was, I had no choice but to go into the room, pick my belongings and leave. I rolled my travellers bag and walked slowly out of the house, I glanced at the building once more then left for good.

With deep sorrow in me, I located a hotel where I lodged with the mind of getting an apartment the following day. Thank God, my salary was paid the previous week and being a prudent spender, I had a substantial amount of money in my bank account.

That night, I couldn’t cry. I just laid on the bed staring at the ceiling of the hotel room. I still can’t believe how everything I managed to build for years crumbled in a week. While I continue to stare at the ceiling, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me in small still voice assuring me of a better future, all He just want was for me to keep hanging on.

I slept soundly like a baby that night and the following day being a Saturday, I was able to get a mini flat which I paid for and moved into that same Saturday. That night, I prayed and wept to God for a divine intervention.

The following day being a Sunday, I dressed and went to church. I didn’t have the nerve to stop attending the Pastor’s Church because I was indebted to his family for the care and sound education they provided me with.

Getting to the church, I noticed that people were looking at me like I was a criminal. Well, I ignored their strange stares and went ahead to sit in the congregation instead of sitting in the midst of the choristers.

Everything went on smooth, the message was glorious as it was preached by the assistant pastor. At the sermon, the pastor’s wife mounted the pulpit and ordered me to come to the front of the congregation.

After I got to the front of the congregation, she then explained to the church that my wedding solemnization to Moses had been cancelled because I lied about being a virgin. She warned the church members not to associate with me and used me to preach to the young ladies about the consequences of immoral lifestyle.

To round up her sermon, she asked me to knee and told the congregation to pray that God will forgive my sins and restore me. All through her sermon and prayers, the only thing I could do was to cry.

After the grace was shared, I took my bag and left for my apartment to resume my crying session. I sailed through the Sunday only to receive another heartbreaking news on Monday at the office.

I left for work that Monday morning feeling optimistic only for me to get to my office and meet an envelope lying on my table. I tore it open and discovered that it was a termination letter.

I ran to my boss office to ask him what my offence was then he said since I have chosen to repay the Pastor and his family with disgrace then there was possibility that I would bring disgrace to the company. He warned me to leave before he ask the security to throw me out.

With depression written all over me, I took my bag and walk out of the company dejectedly. My Secretary who was moved embraced me and told me to be strong.

On my way to my apartment, I bought a strong rope and went home with the plan to commit suicide as I was fed up of everything. Getting home, I tied the rope to the ceiling and was about to hang it around my neck when a call came into my phone.

I stopped what I was about doing and went ahead to answer the call. It happen to be one of the sisters in the ushering department who I don’t relate with.

Sis Clara: Sis Funbi, please don’t do that which you are about to do. Please, God hasn’t forgotten you, there is a reason for everything you are going through now. Please, don’t take your life, your miracle is around the corner.

Her words made me weep uncontrollably, I was speechless. She requested for my address which I gave to her without wasting time. After about a hour, she got to my house.

Instead of castigating me, she embraced me and prayed for me from the depth of her heart. She wiped my tears and told me that the Holy Spirit sent her to me. I opened up to her and she encouraged me and gave me Bible scriptures to read.

When she got to know that I had no money to use for feeding, she gave me some amount of money. Before she left me, she encouraged me to submit my credentials in order organizations.

Her words and coming really uplifted me, I ask God for forgiveness for thinking of committing suicide and decided to begin life afresh. Two days later, I made photocopies of my credentials and submitted it to different organizations and even schools.

While waiting for an employment offer, I spent most of my time reading the Bible and praying. One day, I came across a verse that said ‘For your shame, I will give you double’. I claimed that promise of God and prayed for the manifestation.


Caleb: No Lord, I can’t do this. What do you want people to say?

Holy Spirit: is it people’s words that matters or mine?

Caleb: Your word Lord but this is a lady that has defiled herself and every one in the church is aware. Lord, this is shame. It’s not as if I am asking for a virgin because I am not a virgin but the news is all over the church

Holy Spirit: if you don’t want to be caught in the web of a wrong marriage then be ready to go with my choice but you can still go with your choice but be ready to bear whatever consequence that comes with it.

To be continued

Thanks for your comments, love you all.

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