Beloved in my relationship advice I posted last, I promised to talk about positioning.
Here are some tips for a well defined way to position yourself.
Sorry I wil be using brother / sister.. Its not particularly for any gender..
…………… Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to say.

Sister before you speak, think about it, will it give the taste to the hearer, like how salt gives taste to food or will It be like bitter leaf.
Will the hearer be blessed on listening or will he leave angry.
Don’t be the kind of person that talked about it “Ah don’t mind that sister, she has a very bad communication skills, she’s rude and harsh”.

When you are always about to talk have this in mind “when i say this, will the hearer be blessed or not… “
……….. Ephesians 4:6 Go ahead to be angry, you do well to be angry, but don’t use your angry as fuel for revenge, and don’t stay angry, don’t go to bed angry.(MSB)
Let me back this off with a story.

I remember a time ago before I gave my life to christ.. My little brother made me angry. I was so angry that even the next day I refuse to forgive him, I then went for a conference meeting. Alot of prestigious people were there… So this particular handsome looking guy approached me. He was Wow. But because of the anger which I had the day before I unleached it on him and he went angry. Little did i know that he was the one assigned to approve my group presentation at the conference..
Y’all know the outcome.

My attitude made my group to fail.
Just imagine if I put on a smiley face that day….
You see this anger thing ehnn… The harm it brings is more than the good.
It wont take anything from you to smile. Noo it won’t.
Remember anger comes, but don’t go to bed Angry.
……….. Beloved sister dressing is good. But at least make sure the combination make sense. How can you put orange top, red skirt, blue shoe on a white hat. Are you rainbow .

… Wearing skirt is not bad, wearing long skirt is not bad, but wearing skirt of where two or three are gathered is the problem.
…. Okay let’s say you dress well and then go out for an occasion and stand like mount Zion that can not be shaken ehnn..ah ah Make move, make friends.
.. Look smart, dress nice, have a sweet sense of reasoning. Talk polite always use the five magic words ( Thank you, God bless you, sorry, you’re welcome, please).

… SMILE ooo Ahh smile. Your smile can help you do the talking even if you dont
Later you will be saying that it is the guys that are not seeing you. When you cannot position yourself rightly.
Guys as I said before the Holy spirit can show you the girl, but he can’t toast her for you.

Yes you are fire branded, no one is arguing that with you… But if you just compliment the handwork of God on a sister, You will not die, Yes You.
Even Adam the first thing he said when he saw Eve was “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh “.
I didn’t say you should tell a sister that oo ..
But at least… “Hello you have a lovely voice”
Even if I am the one I will blush
Or “Hi, I love the way you walk, just like Queen Elizabeth “.
Then communication begins from there.

Let’s try to be good. Because we don’t know who God will use to turn our life’s around.
As my Daddy Apostle Joshua selman will say “Never ignore men, because God helps men through men”.

Hope You have been blessed.
Please Share to bless others.

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