A NOTE TO PASTORS’ WIVES!!!(On Ministry Support “Systems”)By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And  Mama Margaret Idahosa
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Mama Margaret Idahosa

I learnt a vital lesson from what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome once said about Mama Margaret Idahosa and also what Dr. Emiko Amotsuka once told me about her.
I believe this is food for thought for ministers of the Gospel and most especially their wives.
Pastor Chris said when he came around the Idahosa’s family and ministry, it was Mama’s love that “pulled him in”.

He said even though very young in ministry and full of aspirations, the love that Mama showed him and many other top ministers today pulled them in.
You see, Papa Idahosa was a great man of love who believed in people especially young ministers, but the story did not end there; his wife also created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for ministry sons and daughters to stay.

Pastor Chris said till date, when Mama Idahosa calls him on phone, he’s always on his knees to receive the calls because he couldn’t imagine the Archbishop talking to him while he’s standing.
It was such an emotional moment – Mama’s gesture of love secured the confidence of many ministry sons and daughters.

I remember few years ago; I was with Dr. Emiko Amotsuka in his house and part of what he talked to me about was the ministry of Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
Baba Emiko said he used to pity Mama Idahosa because quite frequently, visitors (not small in number) used to come to Idahosa’ house and Mama would always be in the kitchen to fix meals for them.
He said so many glowing things about the ministry and family of the Archbishop that are eternally etched on the canvass of my heart.

Today, we talk about Archbishop Idahosa having many sons all over the world but one critical factor to learn from is the hospitable nature of the wife.
You see, Pastor Chris made an extremely powerful statement that’s instructive while talking to Mama Idahosa, “… Mama, it was your love that pulled me in…”.

You know; that statement never left my spirit since yesterday night when the Holy Spirit replayed that scenerio in my memory.
Dear minister, having faithful, loyal, fruitful and abiding sons in ministry is MUCH MORE than having largeness of heart (although that’s VERY KEY).
No matter how large your own heart is, if your wife doesn’t share all of that or she becomes cantankerous, I can tell you on good authority that many sons who love you genuinely may not be too confident to stay around you.

While some will “glide through the storm”, others who don’t want any “heat” will tread the path of wisdom and caution in coming around you.
That’s why your large heart is MAJOR but NOT ENOUGH; your wife’s heart MUST be large too.
Teach and train your wife to be (if you’re not yet married) the art of hospitality and human relations – it will help your ministry in the long run.

By God’s Grace, I thank God for the kind of wife that the Lord has given me. Apart from the fact that she’s naturally kind and nice, we also discussed along this line during our courtship.

We discussed extensively on the demands of a Pastor’s wife, how to relate with people, how to receive visitors plus the Grace that comes with that “office”.
Yesterday, one of our ministry sons who came to preach for us said this about my wife’s hospitality to many of them anytime they come around to the house, “If Mama feeds you, you cannot be fed up”.

I’m eternally grateful to God for my wife – for the unity of purpose and synergy of spirit.
Dear minister, carry your wife along in the things of ministry. Dear minister’s wife, please make the work easy for your husband.
Sadly, some ministers’ wives have driven ministry sons and daughters away due to their attitude and body language.

Some are not kind and tender with words. Some have thoroughly trained themselves in the things of the flesh such that their facial expression will send shivers across the spine of spiritual sons and daughters.
And some are very HOSTILE instead of being HOSPITABLE.

Matters of this nature are not to be swept under the carpet – they affect the work of the ministry very deeply.
Dear Pastor’s wife, be more friendly and hospitable to people around you and around your husband’s ministry – this is one of the greatest ways you can be the “Helpmeet” that God Almighty has ordained you to be to your husband.

Help him. Bear his burden. Make the work easy for him. Serve him and his vision. Create the atmosphere of love around him. Rise as A MOTHER IN ISRAEL!
Your REWARD is sure!!

I hope this is a blessing?

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