“SHE SAID NO TO MY PROPOSAL” – Awoniyi Ayooluwa Matthew

Awoniyi Ayooluwa Matthew
Awoniyi Ayooluwa Matthew

You don’t know the strength of a man until he passes through trials. You see, the same happenings that happened to Jesus, happened to me. Jesus wept i also WEPT(Mo So’kun) though the context/reason why jesus wept and mine differs…
Let me tell you a little bit about Ayooluwa till he met Angelina Alademerin from Ibarapa area of Oyo State.

Ayooluwa has always been a morally upright boy since childhood, if you know how my mum brought I and my siblings up, you can attest to this that our head(I and my siblings) has always been a correct one due to the fact that Iya Inioluwa is a disciplinarian.

Life for me was triangular in nature (School, Home, Church). I didn’t have the general childhood experience an average boy would love to explore.
Let me add that, just like Daniel purposed in heart not to eat of the king’s sweet meal, I determined not to engage in the boyfriend and girlfriend palava while in secondary school, as the case was so rampant and is still in my generation, and God helped me.

Sincerely it wasn’t easy oo, as there were lots of fine girls interested in me, but I no loose guard.(I think I deserve a Grammy nomination )….
…Varsity wasn’t so spectacular, I was busy with my Academics and ministry, girlfriend/boyfriend wasn’t my priority not until finals, even though I had enough female friends,the relationship thing didn’t work out, because I wasn’t prepared in my mind. Some of them we are still friends till date though, maybe because of my handsomeness

The Journey to my Proposition Started in Imo State, during my NYSC experience…
Chai , Nigeria Is Blessed with fine babes oo( I saw a lot of them on camp), but he that watches over Israel helped me to maintain my stand…. It was as though the three weeks won’t end, but the lord through the prayer of the righteous, ministered to the angels in charge of Day and Night and it was over…

It happened all of a sudden, while we were collecting our posting letters,we mistakenly both collided and our documents fell . I apologized and she did too. We later discovered we were posted to same PPA and we had to see everyday as a result of this, we became inseparable friends that talk every now and then.

I discovered Angelina is a devoted believer, and will be a very good ministry gift, support system,wife and great mother. Asides all the above mentioned, my God, Angelina is beautiful and curvy gidi gan
We were rounding up our NYSC program when I had the leading to Propose to Angelina, so I took the bold step (Don’t forget, the steps of the righteous are ordered)….

Lest I forget, I was so scared to open my mouth to inform Angelina about my intention, but I scaled through. Hence, the waiting period started as she promised to get back to me, I also told her to take her time…
Ghen Ghen , the day came and Angelina, called me after close of work that she has something to tell me. So we both stopped by at the nearest restaurant where she broke the news of her not interested in me, that we can only maintain our friendship.

What were you expecting? Omo, I braved up till I got home. Then, I entered my room and cried
. I started reminiscing on how my dream wedding was truncated, how, future boast of a beautiful wife has been affected. So I purposed again not to have anything again to do with ladies,I started hating ladies and i never wanted to have anything to do with them, I thought maybe i should register as a seminarian(priest) …

I was in a devotion when I was prompted to talk to her again about how much love I have for her and I am so convinced about us…
She Eventually gave it a thought and later said YES to my proposal . Our wedding is on the 23rd of DECEMBER…… And we are inseparable
I ALREADY TYPED TOO MUCH (Hope you enjoyed reading about me)

I remembered posting about two weeks ago, how we need to be so intentional about our goals this year and also take the bulls by the horns.
You know, there are times when giving up is only the option dropping in your thoughts.

You see, Goal achievement is not attached to chance, PERSISTENCY is the key factor to your achievement and success.
Just press on, NOTHING in this world can take the place of persistence. Your Goal is Achievable

God bless you

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