Sis, the world is asking you, “all the ‘good girl’ you did last year, what did you gain? Sincerely, what exactly have you gained?” Won’t you answer? Why are you silent?
I know yow might have started thinking about this and asking yourself questions like, why are you being up tight with your rules? Don’t do this, don’t do that, where has this led you really? I’ll tell you a story about Mama.

“Mama” (as she was popularly known) was the happening babe back in school, different men dropped her off our hostel gate everyday. With her full chest and backside? Forget it, she was every man’s dream.
Church? Lol, what church? Academics? Sis had her way. Here we were, working hard, staying awake, pacing back and forth to fight sleep just to cram these formulas. Our beds didn’t recognise us either because school was our new abode.
Convocation came, we parted ways. Few months down the line, we saw pictures every where, Mama is getting married. Lol, someone had to be joking. I mean, everyone knew her and her doings, she never even talked about getting married (she didn’t care actually).

The gist was flying from one WhatsApp group to the other, everyone just couldn’t believe it. It was still like a dream until we all decided to go for the wedding and see with our eyes. Omo, someone has to be kidding someone. Mama got married o… Legit got married!
9months down the line, Mama birthed twins! Haaa!This is the same girl that teased Temi, her roommate, about how she was a fool for getting pregnant. She called Temi all sorts of names for choosing to keep the baby, but Temi decided to keep it still.

She constantly boasted about the abortions she’s had, and how she will have more if the need came, she proudly flaunted the “bad girl” badge and and talked down on marriage, but here she was, having twins. What was that thing they said that time? Where was the punishment for her bad doings?
Where is the good life set out for us that had said countless no’s to men because they were not good for us, what’s our reward for keeping ourselves and waiting patiently for “the one?” we are even still searching for jobs, and marriage is till only God knows when.

Omo, it’s like the street way is the way. If Mama of all persons could get a fine man, having the third child already, then what’s the point? Abeg abeg…
If you can relate with this story, maybe good for you. But in all sincerity, are the bad girls really winning?

Sigh… That’s not even all,
The Mama I tell you about is now a believer, she has been washed, redeemed and cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus, and guess what? She’s now so on fire for Jesus, setting other souls on fire! Argghh, dear God, just like that?
I was thinking about the whole experience at some points in my life, and I was ashamed of how hard it was for me to accept the reality that God can truly cleanse and wash souls so much that they can have a second chance at life on a clean slate.

I mean, look at us doing all the “good things” for the Lord, we were scoffed, laughed at, but we kept our heads up, and yet, everything didn’t go as smooth as we planned.
While I was thinking about all these, my sins were made plain before me.
I saw how that if I had been an Israelite during the time of Rahab, maybe jealousy would’ve almost killed me. Wait, you mean someone who lived her life as a prostitute just comes to be among God’s children, and is even grafted into the lineage that will bear Jesus?
What happens to us that have been keeping the 10 commandments, going through purification, cleansing, and yada yada, what happens?

Sis, I know you’ve been laughed at, scoffed, questioned, but see, there’s no point looking at others living life on their own terms and getting jealous, hating on another fellow Jesus died for, silently wishing something bad happens.
Sis, the world is asking you what is your reward for “being a good girl” because of Jesus is, won’t you answer? They’re asking, If you’re really serving God, why don’t you have everything… husband, money, and everything, won’t you answer? Why are you silent?

Won’t you let them know that you’re not serving God for the “good things?” Won’t you tell them the story of how your heart was dark till Jesus came into it? Won’t you tell them you’re not chasing after God because of money, but for something eternal?
Won’t you let them know that you’re not waving the flag of sexual purity high because you’re expecting God to exchange your purity for a perfect man, but because you love and honour God? Won’t you let them know?
Won’t you tell them that you’re aware that He makes everything beautiful in HIS time?

And in case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, those very ones wearing the “bad girl” badge are silently crying for help, they need Jesus, and it’s you and I that will travail on our knees and bring the message of salvation to them.
When next they show you the things you don’t have, show them the ONE you have. No one journeys with him and loses. Nahhh.

What’s winning though? If doing all the worst things and getting rewards from the world is what the world calls winning, then count me a loser. Jesus is my prize. With Him, and in Him, I WIN.

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