Apostle Johnson Suleman Speaks On How He Got Connected To The Anointing Of Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakilome and Apostle Johnson Suleman
Pastor Chris Oyakilome and Apostle Johnson Suleman

That…period Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was going through serious media attack, he was going through a lot of media attacks.
I sat in my hotel room praying for him. I just prayed and said Lord, bring your servant out of this. This is about 22 years ago, 1998 or 1999 l said Lord, bring him out of this trouble, bring him out of it.

I was praying for him because l just felt this was not right. I was praying for him and while l was doing that, l was about to minister 5 p.m., and he had a program called ” The Atmosphere For Miracles”, l think that was what the program was called. The program came on air in my hotel room, he was praying for the sick and l just stretched out my hand and said, Lord, thank you for your servant, keep him, protect him, preserve him, help him not to be distracted, increase his anointing after all these.

That is what we should do for anointed people, we don’t join the world to pull down our Generals, no! We don’t do that, it is not our language.
As l was praying, l heard the Lord say, what do you want that you see, l saw miracles happening. I have been seeing miracles before that time. I have been seeing miracles but not in that velocity, not as massive as that was. I saw him praying for the sick and l said Lord, l connect to this same anointing, l was about to go minister, l connect to this same anointing.

Not every man of God will be humble enough to tell you another man of God has affected his life. Some are so proud, so arrogant.
As l was doing that, l felt the presence of God, l was connecting via the airways just the way you can connect now or when you watch any of my meetings.
I went to that program, as l was walking through the door, not one person could stand. I didn’t say a word, l just walked pass, everybody was on the ground. I am not talking about 10, 20 people, l am talking about 300-400 people. I had not said a word, everybody.

There was a glory that enveloped me, as l walked in, even the person that was on the pulpit to introduce me was on the floor. The power of God just swept the whole place. As l sat down, few people began to speak in tongues, they didn’t even know l had come.

It was not about me, it was the Glory l carried because l was connected to an anointed man, l saw cancers healed, l saw blind eyes open, l saw a woman who came with her child born deaf and dumb hearing and speaking.

There was no extra thing l did, l just connected.


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