Tolu and joshua mike bamiloye

My heart goes to all singles who have denied themselves of worldly pleasures and sexual enticement for the sake of Christ; and in waiting for the right man or woman that God has promised.
I understand what it means to be so beautiful and yet single. It really hurts when you see people who seem to be less advantaged than you are; moving forward maritally while you stay at a spot.

I understand how it feels when you have different seemingly promising proposals and yet you turned them off in waiting for a brother you never knew. What about the pressure from family and friends?
No one seems to understand your fantasy of GOD’S CHOICE that has kept you stagnant despite the fact that you’re getting old and you’re done schooling.

To make matters worse, the pressure that VALENTINE brings is another issue. You celebrated last year as a single and you’re still without anyone to celebrate with as your VAL. Its not because you’re ugly or disadvantaged, it is just because you await the right man or woman that God has promised.

I have a good news for you, God has not forgotten you at all. He couldn’t allow you to pick JUST ANYBODY as your marital partner.
You see sometimes; those who would marry a king or queen may have to wait a little longer than usual. It is one of the sacrifices to test your patience and how much you value what was promised you. Please don’t get desperate; the promise is closer than you think.

When an elephant and a rabbit gets pregnant the same day; rabbit would have given birth several times before elephant would birth her single child. But when elephant gives birth, the little elephant steals the attention of everyone and becomes a celebrity from its first day. Don’t settle for less because of impatience; God’s promise for you is of good and not evil.

If you can wait a little more, your testimony will become the TALK OF THE TOWN…
Can you say this to yourself I AM NOT FORGOTTEN; GOD IS WORKING FOR ME. I await your testimony. Peace…

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