A social media addict is not a healthy Christian.
So I have online classes to attend, books to read, stories to write, research to carry out, applications to make, but I discovered that, sometimes, in the process of trying to meet
up with my set plans, I am interrupted by a watsapp notification or where I had turned off my data, I find myself switching it on again and again…and checking out what’s trending on Facebook or reading through my Fb chats.

Later, I’m chatting and laughing and I’m upset because I discover how quickly my weekend has disappeared, leaving a trail of unfinished tasks behind.

This is the question: who is in control?
By the way, that you access the internet 24/7 does not mean you are an information guru or that your exposure to the global world is tight.
You can be online throughout the day and still
not add anything profitable to your brain…

Let’s narrow this down to the spiritual:
How often have you set your mind to go offline so you could spend time with God, but somehow you are glued to the screen until your phone shuts down or you fall asleep…

How many times have we received the promptings of the Holy Spirit but we ignore them because we can’t pull away from our communion with man…a situation effected by ‘chats’
What about those days when you wake up in the morning, and your hands grab your phone and for several minutes, you are checking your updates, scrolling through your notifications,
reading chats that you couldn’t respond to the previous night because PHCN didn’t allow you to, and then as you settle down to pray, your heart isn’t connecting because your head is
filled with stuff and quickly you mumble some words and jump out of bed because it’s a work day.

I can’t even begin to talk about the effects of the gradual disconnection from the source of our daily victory.
Your words, speech, conservation becomes soulless…because deep calls to deep.
You might begin to find it difficult differentiating junks from the real deal.

You becomes less sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Hardness of heart, stubbornness, ideologies that kick against biblical principles may begin to take charge of your soul…it becomes easy to give in to temptation to sin.

Social media is amazing…it has brought so much impact, so much blessing…however, there is a place of self control. Temperance is the fruit of the Spirit and as disciples of Christ,
it resides in us. We just need to activate it by receiving the grace to put off our data at certain time of the day….for meditation, for prayers, for communion with God…

God is not happy when He calls for a private fellowship with Him, and our response is, ‘I am coming.’..and for the next three hours, we keep Him waiting.
You don’t have to respond to watsapp messages every minute.
It’s not necessary to jump at every ‘ping’ from your Fb messenger.
You can always check your Facebook notifications when you want to, not when Facebook wants you to.
We are Humans, not robots. We refuse to stay under the control of social media. The excitement that comes from a sweet, exciting, communion with our Father will not be replaced.

For some, it’s going to be take conscientious discipline, because their ‘default setting’ is attached to the chat and notification tone.

There is grace to create a balance.
…For every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things….1Cor 9:25…

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