In this generation a 17 years old girl has experienced 5 heart breaks
But she has not yet experienced the anointing of God that breaks yokes
A 20 years old girl has done series of abortions but she has not yet told one soul about the salvation of Jesus
Even a 4 year old girl can sing an ungodly song perfectly but cannot recite even one scripture.

Welcome to this generation whereby a 13 year old girl is been asked by friends if she has a boyfriend already but can’t ask her if she is saved by the grace
Ahh it is time for us to teach the generation of ladies coming how to Roar on their knees and not on the bed

It is time to reveal to them that they are not side chicks to be crowned on the bed of fornication,but they are lioness and to be Roar in the secret place

We should make them know that slay queens are not known by what they wear but what they carry inside
Happening babes are not those that know the latest clubs,hotels,clothes and shoes but are those who make things happen on earth and heaven

The daughters of our generation will not know that Alcohol can make someone drunk,Because we will get them drunk with the Holyghost
Condoms will no longer be needed because they will be busy holding crusade and getting men saved.

Let them roar !


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