Question Of The Day: Who Do You Think Men Are?


Stop judging people by the physical things or obvious realities, what you see is not all that there is. It takes the eyes of the Spirit to discern men. Our limitation is just that our physical eyes can never see anything that is of the Spirit.

Listen, there are ancient men in young bodies. They appear young but they are not young; they are a continuation of an ancient altar. Maybe you don’t understand; there are certain men who have existed in times of old but they are still alive till today. They have only changed their bodies. They have a new face and probably born of a different family but they are men of old in modern bodies.

When Elijah was to be transported, someone else had to carry his Spirit to continue as Elijah. Elisha carried double portion of Elijah’s Spirit and yet his height never increased, his face never changed and nothing changed in him physically. He looked the same but he was no longer Elisha, he was now ELIJAH. You thought Elijah was no more but I Introduce to you another Elijah.

The little children that messed with him were instantly eaten by bears; you’re not dishonouring Elisha, you’re dishonouring Elijah. You see, there are contemporary men who bear modern names but deep down in the realm of the Spirit, they are ancient men. You thought Elijah was gone but he is still on earth with a new body; if only you can discern, you will benefit of the altar.

Kai! Elijah came back in John the Baptist; still the same man but another body. I tell you this of a truth: Elijah is still currently on earth. Yes, Elijah is still here physically. He is a Spirit that is sent to precede the day of the Lord. I ask you; what do you see?
When you see Jesus, who do you think he is? A 33year old young man? The son of a carpenter? Hmm.. Here is the one who created heavens and the earth walking in a simple body.

This is why; when people say you are too young to be an Apostle, they may not be absolutely correct. You may not really know who you’re talking to. You think he is young; if only you can see. That guy has existed thousands of years before his physical arrival. He is a continuation of an ancient Spirit.
You didn’t see that Jesus left but he left his Spirit to continue in the Apostles?

Kai! You think it was the former Peter that preached at Pentecost? No Sir, that was Jesus. Peter was carrying the very Spirit of Jesus. Just like the days of Moses, God took of Moses Spirit and put on 70 elders. You’ll think we have only one Moses but there are 70 more Moses.
You think Babalola is gone, you think Reinhard Bonnke, Billy Graham and other ancient men are gone? If only you can see.

Let me show you a secret:
There are times God will just make you to meet some certain people; it is because God wants you to benefit of the ancient altar that powers them.
Note that the man may not even know who he is, but because God wants to bless you, he brings your paths to meet.
There are some of you whom God brought you a brother/sister disguised as your future spouse but it was just a system to make you drink of their cup. It was God’s way of helping you connect to their stream, the guy or lady may not end up with you.

There are times these people may come as your subject, like your house help, your employee etc Have you not read that the Lord blessed Laban because of Jacob? Didn’t you read that the Lord favoured Potiphar because of Joseph?
There are some companies that are really “making it big” because of the covenant on the life of the GATE MAN. If he ever leaves, the company will crash.

You don’t know why God will mandate you not to chase some people out of your life no matter their weaknesses and excesses. They may not really have any physical thing to contribute to you, but their atmosphere is what prospers you.

Kai! Who do you think men are?
Flesh and blood?
May the Lord open your spiritual eyes and grant you discernment.
The man may be your junior or colleague but if only you can see.
I shut it here…

©The Diary of a Young Christian…

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