QUESTION OF THE DAY: 𝑯𝑢𝑾 π‘ͺ𝑨𝑡 𝑰 𝑩𝑬 𝑨𝑡 𝑨𝑷𝑢𝑺𝑻𝑳𝑬 𝑾𝑰𝑻𝑯 𝑱𝑼𝑺𝑻 5 π‘΄π‘¬π‘΄π‘©π‘¬π‘Ήπ‘Ί?

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

I was at prayer mountain that day for new year personal retreat. I was praying at a particular spot on the mountain when I heard a young man from the East praying loudly beside me and he was shouting and really crying, ” Oh, Lord, how can I be an apostle with just 5 members? How can they be calling me Apostle and my church membership has not gone beyond 5. Oh, Lord, change my story”.

His voice was so loud; that, I struggled to concentrate on my own prayers. After he finished praying and I finished praying, he came to meet me and was telling me how that was his first time of coming to the prayer mountain to pray.

I asked him about his ministry. He said that was why he came to mountain to pray oo. He is 30 years old. Presently engaged in a relationship. He finished from seminary 2 years ago and started a church as a pastor. When the church was not growing, one senior pastor told him to be ordained as an Apostle instead of just being a pastor. He did the ordination and people started calling him “Apostle”, yet, since two years till now, membership strength is still dancing between 5 to 8.

The last solution someone prescribed to him was to come to the mountain to pray so that he can have power for ministry. He said, he feels ashamed when people call him “Apostle” without any proof of Apostleship in his life and ministry. He said this is his first time of doing 3 days dry fasting. He said ,the 5 consistent members are even getting tired.
He told me he regretted going for the ordination of Apostleship by spending huge money to get it, thinking, the title will bring people and growth to his ministry.

I encouraged him to tarry before God ,not just because he wants his church to grow, but because he needs to have an encounter with God that will lead to growth of his life and his church. I shared some materials with him on my phone that could help his life and Ministry.

Now, many young ministers are on this table. I see that, everyone now wants to bear the title “Apostle”. Hummmm. There was a time, it was Revd that was reigning. A time came ‘Rev Dr’. A time came, ‘Bishop’ was the reigning thing to the extent that, brothers who are having 20 members (A size of a Sunday school class) as their churches were ordained as ‘Bishops’ with long caps and long rod in their hands.

The new waves now is that of “Apostle”. I see many young ministers I know as “Pastors” changing title now to “Apostles”. Many think, what is making people like Apostle Joshua Selman , Apostle Osayi Arome, to become popular is because they are being addressed as “Apostle”. You missed it sir! Those men touched something in God beyond that title. Introduce them in a program as “Brother Joshua Selman or Brother Arome Osayi, you will see that, the Anointing will still flow!

Apostle Arome osayi and Michael Orokpo
Apostle Arome osayi and Michael Orokpo

Brother Gbile Akanni is a father figure in the body of Christ. Call him Brother Gbile, Bishop Gbile, Pastor Gbile, etc the Anointing will still flow.
There was a day I was told that, I will be introduced as “Counsellor Ebenezer Diyaolu” because the school I went to minister is a Muslim populated school and they don’t want me to mention “Jesus” in my presentation. The school counselor said, “I know you are an ordained Revd sir, but I will introduce you as “Counsellor Ebenezer Diyaolu. Please sir, don’t quote Bible and don’t mention Jesus in your presentation. “

I said, okay.
We finished the teaching and they made a good mistake of saying I should pray for the students. I told them I will pray in a Christian way. They could not stop me from doing that one. Before I prayed for few minutes, many of the students were on the floor under the Anointing. I did not touch them. I did not leave where I was standing. The teachers, principal , the imams and the traditional rulers that were present there were taking aback when they saw what God was doing through “an ordinary counsellor”.

Friends, let’s major in major and not major in minor. I am not against titles ooo. Not at all. All I am saying is that, don’t be carried away with titles. Dispense values. People will be the one to be attaching title to your value.
Pursue God dear minister. Let’s touch something supernatural! Away with superfluous titles without corresponding power to justify it.

So many Evangelists that are not evangelizing any soul. So many prophets that have no single DIVINE prophetic word from God. So many teachers that cannot teach single Bible Doctrine correctly. So many pastors that are not pastoring anyone.

So many Apostles that are not ‘apostolicing’ anything. So many Bishops whose members can’t even fill a small shop. Let your works tally with your titles. Don’t just join the wave of ‘titleship’ that is in our world today.

Whatever title you have in ministry, let us see the corresponding effect and grace of that title in your life and Ministry. Young ministers, don’t be too quick to amass titles on your head. The weight of those titles can kill you. Carry power. Carry fire. Title is secondary. Go for God!
Don’t misunderstand this post oo. Incase you don’t understand it, read it again patiently.

Thank you all for reading.
With love from me to you.
Β©Ebenezer Diyaolu

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