What, Who, Where, Why and How EXACTLY?


Innovation is a beautiful thing but it simply has no place in the ministry of Christ. It’s a sacred ground here and faithfulness is rewarded not glamour. The questions to ask, “is this the Christian culture we read of in the Scriptures?”, “is that what God told us to do?”

The first question seeks upholds the apostolic patterns in Christianity rigidly. Praying and praying for long hours — often. This cannot be changed. Teaching the Word and teaching for many hours — frequently. These things have to be stuck with if we’re going to see the results God desires at God’s timing. “People are now very busy” must never cut sermons to 15minutes in church — that’s not Christian. “People are now less churchy, let’s just cancel prayer meetings” must never befall us.

The love walk, giving, honour, purity, speech — we’re instructed concerning these things, going otherwise because we are in the 21st century is not God’s will. God gives us instructions individually too, we must learn to stick with how He said we should do what He said we should and nothing more. God says “reach out to people in your community”, it is not a call to do Facebook targeting — go out and soil your feet with dirt.

What does the Word say about doing ministry? Discipleship class must not be turned to friendship zone. Church disciple must remain so. Teaching the word must be done with its patterns. Evangelism must be done as it’s always been with its message and its power.

God saw the centuries ahead when He cultured those patterns and He’s not called us to change them — He crafted the standard model for the Church. If we’re going to see the same results of quality and integrity saw, we have to keep doing the same things they did. Simple!

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