An Intercessor is one who stands in the GAP
G – God
A – And
P – People
An Intercessor is one who bridges the GAP between God and the People.

Ezekiel 22:30 “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the GAP before me for the LAND, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”
The prayer life of an Intercessor is more SELFLESS than SELFISH…most times they even forget to pray for themselves.
God is in need of INTERCESSORS in this End Time.

Are you the only one Saved in your Family, you’re expected to Stand in the GAP for others, so that they too can see the LIGHT.
Are you the only Born Again in your Office? You are expected to do the Work of an INTERCESSOR. That’s why God placed you there…apart from Evangelism, pray for them.
The 1st Century Church will never forget this great Intercessor who laboured in PRAYERS
Colossians 4:12 EPAPHRAS, who is one of you,…always LABOURING fervently for you in PRAYERS…”

This man laboured fervently in prayers for the Church At Colosse…
God is need of more EPAPHRAS in the Church today…

You know, I was thinking, isn’t it funny the way we sometimes pray for God to use us when there is plenty of work to do already?
I found that many times, when people pray for God to use them, they’re actually thinking of doing things that will make people see/know that ‘yeah, I’m being used by God’. Yunno, do the miracles, just something to just perform!

So they’re waiting till that time “comes”. But wait, while you keep pressing to activate higher dimensions of power in you, why not start by interceding for people?
Do you know what privilege it is to pray for people and the HolySpirit whispers “add this person, add that person…” what a privilege!

With time as you become consistent, you’ll find that you’ll begin to genuinely love people, and you no longer want to just show, but to actually bring solutions to them.
When God sees this, you’ll begin to have access to information no one mentioned to you, you’ll even begin to walk in dimensions of power because God sees that your heart is filled with genuine love.

Intercession is such a privilege and a blessing. Cultivate the habit of praying for people, start with writing their names on a list, it’s bliss to be honest.
Have you prayed for someone today?
Meanwhile, if you’re one of those that say, “God Please I’ll pray for them later ” and you run away because the list is becoming endless, we’re saving your cane

“If you want to see the power of God, spend time in fasting, spend time in prayer, spend time in the word.
I remember there was a time I was studying thirty-eight chapters of the bible a day and would spend eight hours speaking in tongues.

You cannot soak yourself in prayer like that and will not manifest power… When you stay alone with God, when you come out, you carry God…
On prayer, I want the youths to know these:
Prayer is the voice that moves the earth.
Any man that doesn’t pray will never sail in life.

May God teach us how to pray. May he give us, and make us men of prayer in our generation.
Like E.M bounds who wouldn’t stop praying till his breath stained the walls of his room.
Like men like Charles Finney who prayed until his heart shifted from its position.
Let the youths know this, if your name must never be forgotten on the surface of the earth, you must be a man of prayer!!

Prayer is the Christians vital breath
It’s the believer’s native air and his most potent voice.
You must avail yourself to burn for God and stay ablaze.
I have never known a man who stayed alone with God and stands alone in life.

If we must prevail we must be a travailing generation. A travailing people will always win and reign!!!”

Are you AVAILABLE to Intercede and pray?

When do you Pray?

When you are weak, Pray.

When you are strong, Pray.

When you have very little, Pray.

When you have abundance to buy the universe, Pray.

When things are going good, Pray.

When it feels your world is tumbling around, Pray.

When you get that desired job, Pray.

When you get laid off, Pray!

When you get a raise in pay, Pray!

When you have to sweep your savings for a course, Pray.

When you are expecting something to happens, Pray.

When that expected ‘something’ happens, Pray.

The believer’s Prayer Culture MUST not be dependent on a situation he’s in. Regardless of the feelings, the conditions, the environment, the situation, Prayer ought to be prayed — for other believers, for unbelievers, for those in authority, for our Pastors — FOR OTHERS.

You begin to pray when you realize Prayer is not just about asking God for things. Pray today, Pray everyday.

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