Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Every other religion emphasizes distance between man and deity but Christianity is based on a desire to know GOD the more”.

There is a random approach to spiritual growth within the Body of Christ. There is a sequence that hardly builds and matures believers, so we have believers who just shadowbox and guess their way to spiritual growth. Some are fortunate to find visionary leaders who can build them sequentially but unfortunately not many have the opportunity… so there are gaps in the experience of many believers.

There are many well-intentioned believers who are not able to rise to the fullness of their prophetic potential and the reason is not rebellion on their own part; it’s just that they have not had the opportunity to be exposed to the whole counsel of God and a sequential arrangement or mentorship system that is able to capture all the dimensions that are required for the spiritual growth and the excelling of a believer.

Ephesians 4:11-12
To be built up and to mature in the Spirit effectively, there is a formula.
Paul was speaking in Acts 20:32, he said “I hand you over first to God, secondly, to the Word of His grace to be built up and given an inheritance among them that are sanctified.”. It means that if maturity, growth and results cannot be traced in the life of a believer, the Bible has diagnosed that condition to mean you have not truly met God and the Word of His grace.

That means if you start your pursuit and all you are just looking for is Word, something will still happen to you because the Scripture testify of a person. You need an encounter first with the person, what he has said (Word) to make sense to you.

It is amazing that many believers have truly not met God neither do they know Him and not knowing God at times like this can be risky and very dangerous. There is a level of stability and confidence that comes to the life of the believer when you truly know God.

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning of anything, God must be first. This is a spiritual sequence. In the beginning of your destiny, ambition, vision, purpose, business, the year etc, God must come first. It is a position that He jealously protects. If at any point you put him in the middle, that violation of divine sequence will have a side effect in your life. The foundation of a believer’s experience is God, not vision or purpose, ambition, money or desire for success.

John 17:1-3
Eternal life is not just the arrival of God in the life of a believer; that begins the journey. It is a journey that explores the person of God and his Son, Jesus Christ.
Jeremiah 9:23-24, 2 Timothy 1:2. There is no religion where intimacy and relationship is a requirement, only the faith life. When you go to a herbalist, you don’t even need to know his name…he will just ask you what the problem is and ask you to buy the chicken and the goat, then tell you safe journey.

He is not interested in a relationship. Every other religion emphasizes rituals and prides itself in the distance between that deity and the man but the faith life is predicated upon a desire to know God. As mysterious as he is, he desires to be known and that our strength and confidence is predicated on the knowledge of God…… Daniel 11:32.


There are four platforms for knowing God. When you understand this, you can get someone saved and walk him literally to the pathway that leads to spiritual growth.

1) The Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:15-16
The realm of the Spirit is a vast realm and there are many ways of routing it, both authorised and unauthorised. There are people who are found interacting with the realm of the Spirit but not by the road that was defined. Jesus said, “I am the door”, he didn’t say, “I am the only access point”. If a visitor comes to your house by jumping through the window, he is in your house but he is not welcomed. You open the gate and the door to communicate your receiving that person.

Many people have learnt many spiritual things but have not routed the right pathway; the path of their knowledge through scripture or from God’s authorised channels. Our desperation if not guided will lead us to several things. That’s why today in the Body of Christ, there is a mix of all kinds of things. There is Scientology, mix of spiritism, etc…some of these things came from the desperation of people who desire to know this God but because they didn’t pay attention to be mentored or shown the authorised access, their hunger led them to fasting and prayer and they interacted with strange beings and spirits and came down with messages that looked spiritual but negates the pathway, so you find out that the more they are spiritual, the more you see a deviation from the image and the character of Christ.

Our desperation must be managed and we must be shown the authorised pathway. We are not the first to take on this journey. There are some people who have gone ahead of us. 2 Timothy 3:15-16.

There is a wisdom that leads to destruction and there is a wisdom that leads to salvation. Remember what Satan told Eve at the beginning. Satan said “eat of this tree for it has the ability to make you wise”. There is a kind of wisdom that the world gives but the wisdom from the Scriptures leads to salvation.

The Bible from a human standpoint has a lot of human imperfections. The vessels that wrote it and the committee that canonized it; when you look from a human standpoint, you will see a lot of gaps. That means that the Bible is not just a book that you just look at as a novel. If you look at it without the assistance of the Holy Spirit, you will be surprised at the kinds of error you will draw from it.

The Bible can be opened but the seal must be unlocked for you to see. Just opening the Bible and reading it intellectually will do you no good. It is the reason why you can finish volumes of books bigger than the Bible, yet it will take almost a lifetime to finish the Bible because there is a Spirit behind it.

When you look at Scriptures from the lens of the Spirit, then you will learn the ways of God. The Bible reveals the character and methodologies of the Kingdom. When we study Scripture, the goal is not just to cram verses and to feel spiritual. The Bible is a revelation of the character of God.

When you know God, it will give you stability in these times. When a believer is not exposed to Scripture, he does not have an idea of who God is. One of the ways to conquer fear is having a personal revelation of who God is. Just listening to people’s opinions about God can put you in a point of certainty or uncertainty depending on the depth of your knowing Him.

In this Kingdom, results are not as important as how they were gotten. For God’s signature to come upon your result, His pathway must be followed. If you do not obtain results by God’s, ways, you do not have His approval even if it is a genuine result. It is through the Scripture that the ways of God are revealed to you. For example, there are many ways that you can become wealthy but God has a pre-defined formula that is revealed from Scripture.

If you follow any pathway, that is not of God, there will be a side effect waiting for you, that will not be worth the journey you took. There is God’s way to happiness, influence, wealth, growth, etc, all revealed in the Scripture. So when you are studying the Scripture, you are not honouring a daily ritual but you are studying to know His character and methods.

2) The Names of God.
Exodus 3:13-15.
The Names of God reveal God’s dimensions of operation showing who God is. The Names of God shows you the dimension that your destiny needs. There is a name of God that will support your assignment in life.

Make sure you find it before that journey starts. You are a man of God, you must know the one that restores and makes men because you are a leader. If all you know is a God that saves, then congratulations but you will fall short of your assignment.

Life will ask you, who sent you? The answer you give is based on the Name of God you know and have experienced. We know God when we know His names. There are dimensions of His power invested in His names. When you call Him faithful, he does something to you. When you call Him mighty, he does something to you. When you call Him El shaddai, he does something to you. Some of our mothers and fathers didn’t go to school or have the opportunity to be intellectually sound or elightened as we are but they knew something about God. Your assignment is to use your life and give God a name that those coming after you will study.

3) Jesus Christ:
Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:1-3.
Jesus came as a revelation and a correction of our opinions, mindset or perception about God. Until Jesus showed up, there were many things that were credited to God that God had no business with. Jesus is our manual for editing our understanding about God. You want to know God, look at Jesus. He is God personified.

1 Timothy 3:16.
God is not a man. If He was, nobody would worship Him. God only became a man to help men because there is a law in this territory that until you have a material body, you are illegitimate in this realm, so he had to wear a physical body so that he can dwell among men. His becoming a man is powerful because he went back with that same body. That is the guarantee that He is coming back.

If he went without his body, we will not trust his returning, because where will He get a body from again? So he will still honour the law of territory when he is returning because he has the body he will use to return with.

Now he does not need a virgin to give Him a body again. He is seated as a man, Jesus. Anytime you hear he is coming back, he is not just coming back. He has fulfilled the law that allows His entrance here again. His name is powerful because he embodies every dimension of operation you can think of…He is the perfect theology made manifest.

4) Experience: There is a dimension of God that only your experience can teach you.
Job 42:5.
With your experience, you are brought to a place of certainty and conviction. You can doubt what you hear but you cannot doubt what you see.

When God wants to reveal a dimension of Him, he brings an experience that will make you encounter that dimension. Knowing a theoretical God is risky, you must experience Him. Your experience is a powerful support system in your walk with God. The days are coming that will require more than our ability to speak well but more of our experiences.

Additional Excerpts from Apostle’s ministration at WAFBEC 2021 Day 4 Morning Session.

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Here are some Excerpts from Apostle’s ministration at WAFBEC 2021 Day 4 Morning Session :

1. Let the kingdom of God be the focal point of your prayer desire because many of the needs that you will later have are there because the kingdom has not come in that area of your life.

2. If God’s kingdom truly comes, there are many other requests you need not ask.

3. In the gospel of salvation, man is weak and helpless awaiting the act of benevolence from God who is unlimited but the gospel of the kingdom is a gospel that reflects the glory and the power of God.

4. The gospel of salvation is the revelation of the Father’s love, revealed in and through the sacrifice of Jesus, to the end that whoever believes that message receives the life of God.

5. The Kingdom of God talks about every span where the influence of God can find expression. This includes Heaven, Earth, Hell, and the Lake of fire.

6. Christ is enthroned in the hearts of men but the territory is hostile to the purposes of God and the kingdom of God cannot come with God just being lord in the hearts of men alone, He has to be Lord over the cosmos, the systems.

7. Our assignment as believers is to embrace the Kingdom in our own lives and compel our systems to also call upon the name of God.

8. If we must manifest the kingdom in experience, then that will only happen by a dominion that comes through influence.


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