The Blueprint for Evangelism – Mike Francen

The Blueprint for Evangelism

Without question, a return to Bible methods of evangelism means that we will have Bible results — and millions of heathen souls will be swept into the kingdom of God.

The book of Acts lays the blueprint out for us in our evangelistic efforts: evangelize with signs, wonders, and miracles. The book of Acts is our example. It must be our pattern for worldwide missionary enterprise. It is our standard for publishing the Gospel.

Evangelism and miracles go hand in hand. Without miracles, evangelism can never succeed. Without evangelism, miracles lose their scriptural objective, which is to convince the heathen or the unbeliever of the Gospel.
In the early Church, the divine objective set forth was to preach the Gospel of Christ in every country and to every city with mighty healing miracles to confirm the Church’s ministry.

In the Great Commission, Christ combined world evangelism with the ministry of miracles. He made them inseparable, and in accordance with these orders, the early Church acted and produced results.
One man preaching the Gospel today on the mission field with “signs and wonders” following his ministry can win whole tribes to Christ. He can be the means of altering the course and destiny of whole nations.

It has been through the demonstration of God’s power in healing the sick, blind, deaf, crippled, and demon-possessed that we have seen hundreds of thousands of souls turn to Christ in more than 100 countries.

There is a worldwide demand for faith and for miracle ministry which must be met. The harvest is ripe. The heathen are waiting. They are waiting to hear men and women who practice the faith they preach. They are waiting for those who prove what they preach by miracles. Jesus has called us to greater works. Take the limits off God!

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