Children praying

In this Generation, a 13 years old girl, have experienced 5 heartbreaks but she has not yet experienced the anointing of God that breaks yoke.
What an error!
In this Generation, a 18 years girl have done 5 abortions, but she has not told even one soul about the salvation of Jesus.
Very wrong.

Even a 3 year old girl can sing an ungodly song perfectly, but cannot recite even one scripture.
Welcome to a Generation, where as a 13 years old girl, most friends are already asking you do you have a boyfriend? But no one is asking, Do you have Jesus?

If you are a virgin at the age of 18, you will be mocked and called a Ju girl.
Ahhh but we rise and say ENOUGH.
It is time for us to teach the Generation of ladies coming how to ROAR.
It is time to reveal to them, that they are not side chicks to be crowing on the bed of fornication.
But they are Lionesses and they are to ROAR in the secret place
We will make them realize that slay queens are not known by what they wear on the outside but what they carry on the inside.

Happening Babes are not those that know the latest clubs and hotels, but those who know how to make things happen on Earth as it is in heaven
The daughters of our Generation, will not know that alcohol can get someone drunk, because we will get them drunk with the Holy Ghost
Condoms will no longer be needed because they will be to busy holding crusades and getting men saved
Postinor is not needed by women who are found at their POST in the realm of the spirit.

They won’t be aborting babies, they will be aborting darkness from the womb of the Earth. Ahhh
Social Media won’t be a place for advertising their bodies, it will be a place for publicizing Jesus
Yes, we are LIONESSES and we will teach our daughters to ROAR.
The devil will no longer be moving around the Earth like a roaring Lion.
You know why?

Because we and our daughters are coming with a Roar so Firefull, even the devil won’t be able to stand the fire of our ROAR

I and the children the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders.
If you are a woman, place your hand on your womb and pray as you read this

I watched a movie where a woman made a covenant with a Herbalist that all the children in her Generation, should become very poor in order to save her son’s life, i mean a woman sold her Generation to poverty to save a man life… Aiish, and guess what, the children innocently entered the World and suffered from a covenant that someone made on their behalf… Aiyyyye

Then i realized, ahyaya that you can make a covenant on behalf of your unborn Generation
If a covenant made with a Herbalist can be kept for Generations, aiyeee what about a covenant made with God the one who keep his covenant even to the fourth Generation
Aiyaaa do i have mothers, who are ready to make covenant on behalf of their Generation?

We ascend to the Courts of Heaven and we decree according to the Constitution of Zion, just as Joshua decree that him and his family will serve the Lord, we decree that we and every child coming forth from our womb must serve our God. They are not permitted to serve any other gods, we sacrifice them to the Almighty God and we seal this covenant with the blood of Jesus.

We subscribe our unborn children to the plans of God, may this covenant renew the plan of God for their life, whenever the enemy try to introduce a different plan to them, we download the ordinances of Heaven and we install it in their spirit, their default setting is configured to burn for Yahweh.

Just as the Constitution of Zion state that the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent, we decree that our seeds shall bruise the head of serpents, demons, and everything that attempts to bruise their heels.

Before parents die, they will properties to their children, but before our children are born, we will them the will of God over their lives

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