Mr and Mrs Fatoyinbo

We were living in one room when we got married, one room with no kitchen. Hallelujah!

There was no kitchen so I had to wash the bathroom every day to ensure that the place was clean enough for me to cook inside. So, we lived there for six months but God moved us out very quickly but that was where we started, one room. Hallelujah!
I used to go and fetch water on my head because there was no tap water running in the building and I wouldn’t allow my husband because he was a pastor and there were church members living in that building.

Sisters shout hallelujah!
So, when you are praying for Pastor Modele’s grace, go and ask for her story. Don’t ask for her dress if you have not heard her story. Don’t ask for bag!
There is a brother that later told me that, mummy, I used to stay in that building and I used to wonder: what is this fine girl doing with water on her head.

So, we moved from that one room and I remembered that the first rice we ate in that house was the rice we took to the house from our wedding reception. So, when the rice got finished, my husband said to me what are we going to do? Miraculously the next morning, we got a knock at our door, a brother by divine inspiration brought a bag of rice. Hallelujah!

We got another apartment for N35,000. It was a new building but there was no sink so I will wash my plates in a plastic bowl and the Church was paying us N1,500 per week. N1,500 was what I will take to the market and people will still eat from the food I cooked with the N1,500.

We were unable to put up our bed in the room due to dampness on the walls of the rooms but then I put a tag on all the doors of the empty rooms; “my barn will flow with new wine.”
I got an inspiration from the Holy Spirit and I got an artist in the Church to help put all Words of faith I got in scriptures into painting and pasted them on my walls.

After a year we were supposed to move from that house, after looking for house around the city, the Holy Spirit told me this: there is no apartment for people but there is apartment for you! No matter how bad a situation is for a child of God, there is always an exemption!

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