Emotions can take you back to Egypt. You’d prefer to go back and continue eating Galic and cucumber whereas Manna is waiting for you, only if you can keep moving.

Emotions can make you eat what you once vowed never to touch; emotions can make you eat the FORBIDDEN.
Emotions can make you stay in and with your YESTERDAY.
You can be so emotionally connected to your past that you refuse to live in your PRESENT, not talk of entering the FUTURE.

Emotions will make you bring people into your PRESENT, who should have gone with your past.
Emotions will obstruct your discernment.
Kai! Emotions will make you embrace people you should chase far away from you…

Emotions will make you entrust your life into the very hands of your enemies; emotions will make you rest your head on the lap of one who would shave your head.
Emotions will make you repeat the same mistake that almost cost you your life.

Emotions will make you see palace while entering into a Lion’s den.
Emotions can make you call “black” “white”.
Until you master your emotions to only bow to the will of God, you will continue to branch too many unneeded places while walking your way into destiny.

Your destiny will move at the pace of your control over your emotions.
You’re not yet free from mistakes, errors and blunders until you gain control over your emotions…

Emotions will make you stay in a life threatening relationship; emotions will make you go back into the arms of the same man or woman that almost terminated your destiny…
What directs your emotions?
Don’t go back to Egypt…

© The Diary of a Young Christian

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