Question Of The Day:Is It A Sin To Dress Well?

Is It A Sin To Dress Well?

As a child of God what makes you think it is wrong to look good? Who told you it is wrong to dress well or look presentable? You cannot look like a cast away in the name of serving God please
Some Christian folks refuse to wear neat clothes or even dress well because they feel it will stop them for looking like Christians or going to heaven, how possible is this? Looking scattered and unclean is not spirituality, please don’t use spirituality to cover for your uncleanliness!

Sisters, no one is asking you to dress elaborately and expensive, you can dress simple with cheap clothes “okrika” and still look good, you can still wear Ankara if you cannot afford designer wears just be neat and presentable!

You will not tell me holiness is the reason you are dirty with scattered hair and a bad odour, a popular saying says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” because we are God’s temple, how comes you feel if you look clean and dress well you will not be a candidate of heaven?pls stop that attitude!

No one is saying you should not dress decently, no one is saying you should not cover your body, all we are saying is you dress presentably, all we are saying is you look clean and smell nice, please I am begging you, stop dressing like someone in a state of suffering!

How can you tell people of the goodness of God when you have refused to wash your clothes and iron them at least, when you have refused to use roll on or perfumes for your sweat which can cause body odour, tell me why let me know what I can do now

Sis, how do we know you are a wife material when you do not appear well at least? Decency, Modesty and Cleanliness is our dress code, we dress to preach Jesus not lure anyone to sin yet we dress clean and look presentable!

See, the only time modesty looks beautiful is when it is packaged with a clean and good looking dress! Yes, we are not seeking after the things of the world which is why we do not struggle to wear the most expensive clothes, yet we will represent the Kingdom with the way we dress!

Queens and Kings do not walk around the streets looking half naked and unkept, scattered and unclean but we represent the GLORY of God because we are light in this world which is why we must look like light and RADIATE Jesus! How can you show the glory of God when you cannot wash your clothes?

Be intentional about how you look as a believer! You must not look dirty to be called holy, you must not look unkept to be seen as the one working for Jesus! Even as a minister of the gospel, please portray the GLORY of Jesus in how look.

If you want to attract people of high esteem then you must look like one! Stop looking like someone that is tired of life, even in your pain always wear a smile because you have a God who never fails! Even when you are not wearing an expensive dress please wear a smile!

This is not to spite you but a correction out of love, I want us to understand it is important to serve Jesus and still dress well! We are not slaves but royalty so we dress as PRINCESSES, children of the King of Kings!

As We Dress Well, Let Jesus Be Invited To Our Wardrobes And Please Don’t Forget Modesty Is Our Dress Code.

©Scripted by The journey of A Christian Lady, Blessed? please share to bless others Let me hear your contributions on this matter

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