COVID-19: Bring Proofs Of Scientific Evidence That Wearing Of Mask Or Enforcing Lockdown Works – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The senior pastor of the Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has emerged in a new video questioning scientists over the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
While speaking in his church recently, he asked for scientific evidence behind wearing face masks and lockdowns to contains the spread of COVID-19 which according to him is not a killer disease.

The clergyman while ministering said;
It is wrong to compel everybody to follow the findings of questionnable individuals. It is wrong. I say this to you, these are simple things., simple truths. If you cannot ask the right questions, then you open yourself to destruction.

Ask yourself, what is the evidence that wearing of masks works? They told you so. I have done enormous research on it. The question is, have you?
Don’t just listen because somebody said so or the W.H.O said so. I disagree with the W.H.O for clear reasons.

They have made too many mistakes and they don’t apologise. They just change their minds and expect us to just follow. Remember, they didn’t drop from heaven into W.H.O. We can ask them questions. They are not gods. Even God accepts questions and he answers. Why can’t we asks these ones?

If you have the scientific evidence that lockdown works, provide it. So far, the nations that have been most compliant have had their numbers skyrocketing because they are not true”
Speaking further, he said;
”I have sent people to go to the hospitals we were told were full. In many of the hospitals, they found very few or no sick people or patients. A lot of the hospital wards were empty and I have videos to provide you.

So this was all a fraud and this COVID-19 is not a killer disease as you were told.”

Source: Nation Scoop

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