4 Godly Counsels For 2021

Last year was long. Last year was hard. Last year was sad. Yet it was full of life lessons. However Let the following counsels guide you this 2021.

1. Be bold.
Take bold steps, understand that you have only started living when you are no longer controlled by people’s opinion of you.

Fear has killed more dreams than anything else has. Stop living to give impressions, be you, be real.
Don’t let people’s opinion drown the innovations and inventions of your heart. Life bows to those who boldly approach it.

2. Guard your heart.
Don’t be under pressure to do anything.
Don’t take offenses, if they give you don’t collect. Note centers where offenses always comes from, avoid those centers by all means, and grow above the arrows the enemies aims at your heart. The same thing that staggers you in 2020 must not stagger you in 2021.

3. Guard Your Heart
In guarding your heart, don’t just guard it against external invasion, guard it from yourself. You see, the devil rarely pulls down a man from the outside like he does from the inside.

Sometimes no one is against you, it is just your heart that is beguiling you to think all hands are against you, sometimes the evidences you are believing are not real. The devil always tries to make you your own number one enemy.

Note: Joy is a sign that your heart is properly guarded, where joy stops, different wrong things will be believed and you’ll be down again.

4. Pray more.
By praying more I’m not necessarily telling you to increase the number of hours you spend in prayers, of course you should, but much more I’m asking you to be more consistent with prayers.

You don’t get the maximum gain of spiritual things until you engage them consistently.

May God keep and help you in Jesus name.
Femi Lazarus.

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