“The Night Time Is A Mystery” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Please Listen To Me….
The night time is a mystery…
In the realm of the spirit…24 hours is counted from night to morning….not morning to night.
In the physical… We count our day from morning to night.
In the realm of the spirit… It’s an evening and morning.

A day starts officially in the night…not in the morning.
Are we together…..
And the second mystery you need to know is that the night time is liken to a woman who is ready to be pregnant.
Are we together now….
The night time is like a woman who is ready to receive seed.
That’s why people die in the night.
Somebody that could survive in the day….

once it gets to the night…they start looking at you…by night…they are gone.
If you can be obedient… to do what I’m telling you….
My brother my sister you will be surprised.
Just…..it won’t be long.
Just fifteen minutes…
Can you do that?
Every night….from this night till we finish this series.
Who will do do it?..
Fifteen minutes.. Anytime… Twelve o’clock… One o’clock or whatever.
You will see how the devil will fight you.

All of a sudden.. Eleven thirty….you’re feeling as if…..no matter what you need to do….tell the devil you’re a liar.
Blast in tongues
You can play any Koinonia message if you want…anyone at all….and blast in tongues for that fifteen minutes.
And I want you to pray..
Are you getting what I’m saying… Cry by the mercy of God…I know I have not taught you on the mystery of mercy.

I’m going to……
When I teach you on deliverance… I will now teach you on the forces of deliverance…
One of it is the mystery of mercy.
If mercy does not visit you…there can’t be deliverance.
“Thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion..for the time to favor her..yeah the set time”
Don’t miss this series…

But now…I would like you to pray.
Don’t be careless.. You don’t have…..
Don’t do it like a ritual.
Do it with revelation… This is not some occultic ritual thing.
But please I beg you in the name of the lord.
Discipline yourself and do this. And many of you will see what will happen.
From this night if you can….just get up….Shakaskobakastosyakatos …..likrotoska
bayikata.( tonguing )
If you have a roommate… Explain to the roommate…see…don’t be angry if you hear me pray.
You don’t have to pray and harass people so they don’t arrest you… but..I would like you to pray.
Find a message… sit down…that’s why God gave you a phone…put all these things.

Please hear what I’m telling you.
Just do it every day non stop.. You can wake yourselves.
Are we together…
You can wake up and wake someone else.
Do this thing every night…you won’t do it forever.

Just do it from now…I promise you…from now before Friday.
Even if you have been praying in the night before… Just do what I’m asking you to do.
Many of you …the first one or two nights…
You will see the visions you will see.
Those spirits will rise up in anger….
You will see it in your dreams…don’t be discouraged.

Some of you… as you pray..you would see in the dreams where they’re oppressing you.
It’s a sign that this thing you’re doing is…..
don’t worry about whatever you see.
Let me give you a side effect…
Some of you will get up in the morning…
Your loved ones will fight you like never before this coming week.
Doors would seem to close..don’t mind it.
It’s a reaction…

I’m telling you this because you will be surprised… that it is by that time you will find out your roommates would annoy you….something….
Just take out time…do what I’m asking you to do.
Take your eyes away and pray..
my destiny…Lord..open it up.
Shakatoskata…(tonguing )

My destiny……..
some of you would have dreams where you will be taken back to even when your parents were small.
And God will start showing you the movie.
This is it.
And you get up and say….so this is why favour is closed.
Are you going to do this??
May the grace…it takes discipline but I pray that you will be charged like enough to do this.

Do you know that was what I was doing every night… I didn’t know…
I didn’t know that’s what the spirit of God was doing…
And then…light broke… And God showed me something.
And say this is it….
this is it…..
Are we together…
So take out time.. Pray..
Maybe just fifteen minutes. If God grants you grace..you can push thirty minutes while fifteen minutes is fair for everybody.
If you’re born again and you can’t pray for fifteen minutes… Something is really wrong with your spirit… No matter…

If you minus fifteen minutes from your sleep..it shouldn’t affect you at all.
Except the spirit of slumber… See…all these various spirits… We have to deal with them.
Manage yourself… Be wise.
Don’t go and sleep in a place that will not allow you to pray.
Be serious

Be sensitive with your notebook because of the extreme revelations.
Fire will fall from heaven and God will say ..”this is why the five people in your family don’t have children “.
This is it….
“Then the secret was revealed unto Daniel”.
It was in a night time.
Daniel knew why he told the king…” Wait..oh king night is coming..be patient “
When it was night…he went to pray..and the secret was revealed to Daniel.


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