The Lord instructed me to post this again just because someone needs to be out of this bondage, your freedom lies with you.

Back then to my teens age, people see me to be a very good guy who loves God with the whole of his heart. This is true because I really love God with the whole of my heart, I would go to church, preach to my friends, attend vigils, conduct deliverance for people back then even at a very tender age but I have this thing I struggle with at the corner of my room anytime I’m alone and what is this?

It wasn’t my wish to always do this, but anytime the urge is there, I would run into the house, lock the door and begin to use my hand for the job. Sometimes, I would look for things that belongs to a female sex and use it for arousal, even with all these, I still remain that prayerful and spiritual brother I used to be.

I struggled with this throughout my secondary school days with no one knowing of all I was going through still some even still tell me they wanted to be like me. After my secondary school days, it still didn’t stop, I do this almost everyday, and anytime I’m done with it, I would feel sober and bittered within me but the deed has been done.

I would cry, I would fast and pray still this thing called masturbation never left.
Sometimes, I would just finish masturbating at home and I would go to church immediately. Throughout the service, I know all I was doing was just wasting my time that I had not come to worship God.

I fought with this till I was 18, I was not pleased with it but there was just no way I could overcome it.
I would dress decent but inside of me I know I was dying.
I would preach to many and they would cry but inside of me I know I am empty.

My prayer life was wow! But still I still struggle with masturbation.
I was fed up, I felt like hanging myself because I really don’t want to but when it comes , to resist will always be the problem.
I decided I was not going to do it anymore and trust me it worked. How manage?

I prayed for help,and God did but Him helping me isn’t enough, I had to help myself. I made a covenant with God never to do it again, I took away somethings, I drifted from some friends and anytime the urge seems to arrive, instead of obeying, I would rather start praying rather than pulling down my pants to involve in a destiny wasting thing like that.

There are more to this but I would love to stop there.
Why have I come to tell you this today?
I know you are into the same thing, I know you are also experiencing the same but you find it hard to tell someone how bittered you are doing this, I know you wish to stop but you don’t really know how.

Pastor, enough is enough, that masturbation must stop!
Brother James, bro Paul, come I know you don’t wish to let me know but come we can overcome this together
Choir mistress, I know you never loved it, come we will do this together
Don’t worry my brother, don’t worry my sister the Lord is ready to take you out of this if only you are ready.

They tell you there is nothing wrong with you masturbating, they tell you instead of you having sex before marriage it is better you masturbate but I’m telling you now that it would have been better you don’t waste your time doing that because the danger in it kills, it kills, please it kills.


Do the work of an evangelist by sharing this content.
© Odegbohun David

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