“We Still Don’t Understand Why Covid-19 Numbers Aren’t As High In Africa” – BILL GATES

Bill gates and His team

It would be recorded that earlier this year, In a presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Seattle, Bill Gates reportedly warned that the coronavirus could overwhelm health systems on the African continent, and said that the virus is more concerning than Ebola.

“This disease, if it’s in Africa it’s more dramatic than if it’s in China, even though I’m not trying to minimise what’s going on in China in any way,” The Telegraph quoted the billionaire founder of Microsoft and healthcare philanthropist as saying.

“Will this get into Africa or not and if so, will those health systems be overwhelmed?”

He said the potential impact on sub-Saharan Africa could be “very, very dramatic”, and that the coronavirus could evolve into a pandemic, causing more than ten million deaths worldwide.

Gates said the coronavirus was more worrying than Ebola because although the death rate is not as high, it spreads far faster, The Telegraph reported.

“If you look at Ebola, most of the excess deaths were caused because the health service shut down. It’s not just the direct effect, it’s also the panic, the overload, and the things that effect health workers, because you’re already at very limited capacity.”

While there has been only one confirmed case of the coronavirus in Africa, there are concerns that other cases may not have been reported.

There is a big flow of people between China and Africa, which has increased sharply over recent years. According to Quartz, direct airline flights between Africa and China have jumped over 600% in the past decade.

By 2017, there were more than 200,000 Chinese labourers working in construction and other projects based on the continent, according to research by Johns Hopkins University. This number excludes traders and shopkeepers. The top 5 countries with Chinese workers are Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Zambia – which together accounted for almost 60% of all Chinese workers in Africa.

Recently in an interview,Bill Gates have expressed His shock as to why numbers never increased as he projected it, He said, “we don’t have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as I worried they would get” — but gave probable reasons Africa was not as affected as expected.

“It helped that some countries locked down early. In Africa, another reason may be that the population is young compared with the rest of the world’s, and young people are less susceptible to the virus.

“Another reason could be that its large rural population spends a lot of time outside, where it’s harder to spread the virus. It is also possible—though I hope this is not the case—that the true numbers are higher than they look because gaps in poor countries’ health care systems are making it hard to monitor the disease accurately.”

But i would simply say this, God understands Sir…..

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