In life, the only thing we’re not allowed to change is God, our spouse, and our children. But men and women who are not Godfearing do not care about changing those three. Which also explains why some ladies say “men change women like cloth”.

No matter how much you love a dress, you’d change it after a while. Your phone may be the most recent model, but you probably won’t be using it in the next five years. Your current car may be your best car, but it won’t even be in the line-up of your best choices in three years time. That’s how a man lives; he tends to change things after a while, including his partners.

Ladies, you may feel bad about this, but this is why a man who showed you so much passion in the beginning may change after a while. I don’t blame him, the lifespan of a man’s passion is usually a few years after marriage. Passion is not enough for marriage.

Change is a constant thing; while you may not be able to do anything to stop it, you can do something to manage it. Ask married couples, they’d tell you how many times their spouses have changed; but because they managed those changes well, they’re still together.

This is why you need to have spiritual intelligence. Before you agree to marry any man, always check; if he is Godfearing, if he has a spiritual authority over his life (a pastor), and if he’s responsible. Asides those three, confirm his conviction about you; ask him how he knows you’re the one for him.

And if he tells you that God confirmed it, you should also go to God and confirm it. Before you say “I do”, first allow God to say “do”. Actually, the intended meaning of “I DO” is “I agree because God said I should DO”. And if God is the one that said “do”, then you can be sure He’d keep you in the way.

Both of you may have a good rapport or even a sound heart connection, but if there’s no spiritual connection, then the both of you won’t last. If God wants him or her for you, then him or her is good for you.

“What if I don’t have feelings for him?”; that’s the question most ladies ask when God tells them to marry a man they don’t have feelings for. But they forget that God created our ability to have feelings? If God says he’s the one, then He’d create the feeling. Feeling is secondary when it comes to marriage; spirituality must come first. Don’t marry a man just because you have feelings for him, but because you both have been approved in the spirit.

Let me conclude with this; develop a robust spiritual life. Physical things are temporal. If you go into marriage because of the physical attributes you see, then you’ve only signed up for a temporal marital life. What keeps a marriage forever is spirituality. May God give us understanding!

God bless you, I love you, and don’t forget to share!

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